August 31, 2008

Show #35: We Sit Down with David O’Brien of the AJC

David O’Brien discusses the Braves clubhouse, Francoeur’s 2008 season, the Jordan Schafer HGH suspension, and many other topics.



4 Responses to “Show #35: We Sit Down with David O’Brien of the AJC”

  1. 1
    USAFCCF Says:

    GREAT PODCAST! Y’all hit a homerun for this one and I learned a lot about the team from DOB. Thanks and keep up the great work.


  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Hi Scott – thanks for the comment. Yeah, I thought that DOB came with a lot of great stuff. I especially liked the scoop about TP and the admission/non-admission about Jordan Schafer.

  3. 3
    wowbobwow Says:

    You guys do a great job. This was a fantastic interview, handled with a lot of tact and class. I’ve been listening for a couple of months now and I look forward to the shows.
    Miss hearing B.P. Frank’s take on things! Take care and keep up the good work!

  4. 4
    Steve Says:

    Wowbobwow: glad you like the show. We appreciate it – spread the word! And don’t worry about BP Frank. We’ll get him back soon.

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