October 02, 2016

Show #353: Good Bye to Turner Field

So Long to the Ted. Freddie’s Streak. The Snitkometer. 2016 Season Awards.



2 Responses to “Show #353: Good Bye to Turner Field”

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    DAP Says:

    Hey Y’all! Long time no see.

    The city screwed up when it came to dealing with the Braves and Turner field. The Braves TRIED for years to get the city to take care of some issues, to no avail. Reed prioritized the Falcons. It is what it is, the Braves had to go.

    I was at the game Sunday, finding myself wishing the Braves could stay. It irritates me that the city of Atlanta didn’t step up more to keep the team at Turner field.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Hi DAP – good to hear from you. It is a crap situation started during the Olympics when no rail service was built and then it snowballed from there. Such a wasted opportunity.

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