November 13, 2016

Show #355: The Braves Get Old, Fast

Checking in on the Dickey and Colon Signings



4 Responses to “Show #355: The Braves Get Old, Fast”

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    Anonymous Says:


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    Lee Says:

    I don’t get why this podcast and so many Braves fans are okay with another transition year with this team just because they are entering a new stadium. The front office is giving the fans the middle finger with these flex/trade starting pitcher additions and not going for it in 2017! They don’t feel the urgency with their new stadium. They’ve stunk for years now. How about putting a competitive product on the field. Why you guys give the FO a free pass is confusing to me.

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    Tyler Says:

    I don’t think you know what a rebuild is.

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    Tcc Says:

    HOF class to be announced tomorrow..could it be time for the the first ABT show of 2017?

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