May 07, 2017

Show #365: The Baseballism Interview (and a bad week)

We sit down with the founders of Baseballism. And a bad bad bad week. Plus, what’s up with Dansby?



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    William A Says:

    Not a bad show this week as the guys are getting closer to the realities of this 2017 Braves team. My contribution is simply this: Someone(s) have to pay for this inept team as currently constituted. An old sales adage is “Success or failure is fact based”. Talk all you want about sample sizes, short fences and so on but the bottom line is the team is failing and failing miserably.
    So who has to pay? The GM who put together this grease fire of a team? The manager who fails to inspire and allows mental errors to perpetuate? I say, yes and yes. At least, it will be a start and send a message to the fans that this level of failure isn’t going unchecked.

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    Shaun Says:

    The powers that be obviously can’t say this, but I’m sure they realize the odds of contending this season were fairly low. They are still dealing with the ripple effects of having to rebuild the system and infusing it with talent. It’s not failure until that talent fails to actualize. The failure of a team filled with veteran placeholders acquired for the purposes of simply filling a major league roster is not really organizational failure. This front office should be judged on whether Swanson, Albies, and all those pitchers actualize and form the core to a winning team. It’s unfair to judge based on whether a major league team led by the 2017 versions of Bartolo Colon, RA Dickey, Matt Kemp, and Brandon Phillips succeeds or fails.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I think the Braves should have followed what the Houston Astros did from 2011 to the 2015 season. That’s the model that most MLB teams need to follow to build up a team to the point of being a very good team.

    I feel the Braves have been more shortsighted in their approach. They never have seemed to have been ok with being bad for a few years to get good. They seem to be more in the “caught in between” mode that the Atlanta Hawks have been in (just my opinion as an non-native Atlanta-area observer here).

    Anyway, don’t think the Manager should be under question until AT LEAST the end of May. I’ll hold the GM accountable after the trade deadline.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I meant as A non-native Atlanta-area observer…sorry for the lack of grammar there…lol.

    But….I think most of you see what I’m saying. I feel the Braves have fallen in the organizational ranks of Major League Baseball…as they seem closer to the Padres or Brewers than they do the Cardinals or Cubs (as far as the top organizations in Major League Baseball category).

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    Shaun Says:

    The Braves are, in fact, following the Astros’ (and Cubs’) models. There is a reason they’ve acquired guys like Colon, Dickey, Phillips, etc., and not slightly younger veteran players who require more of a financial and years commitment.

    The front office can’t just say to the fan base, “be patient.” No one wants to hear that, especially when you’ve just moved in to a new park. So they’ve tried to sell fans on the farm system while acquiring interesting players to fill the major league roster that won’t hinder the long-term plan.

    I know it’s hard to know when an organization is just telling you to be patient because they are inept and when an organization is telling you to be patient because they actually have talent on the way. But I think this front office deserves more time. We are just starting the see the fruits of the rebuild. It will be another year or two, maybe three, before we can start to judge whether the talent acquired during the rebuild looks like it will actualize at the big league level.

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    JPB Says:

    If there is a douchier company than Baseballism, I have not heard of it yet. Bunch of Bros talking about their “brand”. They make it sound like they look down on people who wear a team’s logo, but then think everybody is buying into their logo/brand.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Well…I don’t believe the Braves are following the Astros’ approach or the Cubs’ approach. Too much is being spent on trying to keep the team respectable.

    The only thing more pricier than Suntrust Park ballpark food is Baseballism merchandise lol.

    Anyway, have to tell everything like it is on here.

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