May 21, 2017

Show #367: The Freddie Injury

The fallout from Freddie’s injury. Owning the Nats. Teheran terrible at home. Kemp killing it at the plate.



3 Responses to “Show #367: The Freddie Injury”

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    DAP Says:

    Freeman has almost always been healthy. I don’t think injuries have ever been a big part of his story. Before now, he only had one long DL stretch in his entire career (that in 2015)

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    The Matt Adams move was brilliant, in my opinion. Injuries happen and can affect how one’s career evolves. I think Freeman won’t have too much trouble coming back from this one.

    I expected the Braves to start playing better and that’s exactly what they are doing. I don’t see them on the level of a San Diego or anything like that. We’ll see how my past predictions on here turn out.

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    William A Says:

    Good job on the podcast but, guys, lose the ‘shot in the dark’ segment? Most are so far off in actuality that the bit has earned yawner status. Now two things to address this week:

    1) Team CHEMISTRY. The Braves seem to have it in spades and don’t underestimate that status. Brandon Phillips has been a spectacular addition in this regard and Matt Kemp looks to be taking on the role of the big horse to get the wagon across the finish line. Is it rubbing off on the others? I’d say YES and this was not expected but welcomed with even the loss of FF not derailing the chem lab.

    2) Starting pitching. Therein lies the rub with the entire current bunch being so-so or probably #4-5 starters on other teams. Remedy? Someone from AAA has to overperform like Sims or Newcomb and lead the starters, infuse them with that chemistry permeating the position players.

    IF all that happens? Look out! Can it? Will it? Who knows, but I do agree with Podcast Listener in that Matt Adams being added this quickly was a master stroke.

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