May 29, 2017

Show #368: The Colon Connundrum

How committed are the Braves to winning this year? A G-Braves check-in. Garcia shows a little life.



2 Responses to “Show #368: The Colon Connundrum”

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    William A Says:

    I totally agree with the podcast hosts in this being a lost season which should be clear for all to see. Hone in on the starting pitching and you have what is akin to a black hole with even Teheran and Folty being anything close to consistent. Garcia looks to be the ace by default while the others are either lost at sea (Dickey/Colon) or #4, #5 on their good days.
    So, again I agree that there’s no need to empty the farm of quality prospects for a so-called quick fix. Bite down hard on the bullet because this season will be painful with the prospect of bluer skies next year and beyond.

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    Shaun Says:

    There’s hope:

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