June 25, 2017

Show #372: Freddie on the Move to Third Base

Freddie to head across the diamond. 4 straight series wins. The Bartolo soap opera continues.



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    William A Says:

    I totally agree with the hosts on the value of Brandon Phillips and the team chemistry he stirs up with the 2017 Braves. Trade him for some rube in Class A ball at the deadline because you CAN? Lunacy, pure and simple. I’d be looking at the other side of Phillips’ value in terms of putting together a 2 year extension for him and, if the return is there, trade Albies for a solid starting pitcher for example.
    Speaking of starters, I’m OVER Folty and Teheran! Mr. hot temper and inconsistency respectively. The Braves are in a strange status with hot bats and marginal pitching which usually means no playoffs but we all knew that at the start of the season anyway. Regarding FF playing 3B? What’s to lose at this point in at least finding out if it works? This is the year to roll the dice and try things even if they come up snake eyes. Like the hosts said, at least this team isn’t boring of late and there’s something to be said for that!

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    Shaun Says:

    Someone on social media mentioned the fact that MLB is becoming a three-true-outcomes league (homeruns, walks, strikeouts). So, the Braves are realizing that defense is overrated, since fewer and fewer balls are being put in play. The argument was that that’s part of the reason they viewed Simmons as expendable and why they are willing to try Freeman at thirdbase.

    I’m fine with and buy that argument to some degree, but I think there’s a good chance Freeman doesn’t make enough of the somewhat difficult but fairly routine plays that a normal thirdbaseman would make to make it worthwhile. That said, I have no issue with the Braves trying to see if Freeman can make the plays he needs to make. But I’m skeptical. I would rather them not force it and trade Adams, if it is apparent that he doesn’t look good at the hot corner.

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    William A. Says:


    I’m not sure that defense rates a lower metric in assessing a team’s productivity. It’s all about scoring more runs and allowing fewer to project out to a winning record but that’s a conversation for another thread. What’s lost is the team chemistry impact which is highly subjective but still, key to wins, I feel.

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    Shaun Says:


    The idea is that run prevention is becoming less and less dependent on turning balls in play into outs, because fewer and fewer balls are being put into play.

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