July 16, 2017

Show #375: The Second Half Begins

A Great Start to the Second Half. Acuna Rises. Albies’ Uncertain Future. Post-season hope?



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    Walker Says:

    Its something that honestly doesn’t make sense about trading for someone like Sonny Gray and then trading Tehran. I guarantee if Tehran wasn’t on the Braves, he would be targeted by the Braves. He IS the controllable starter we are looking for. This year is just a blip. Look what he did last year. When we do start to compete wouldn’t it be nice to have someone like Tehran as our 3rd or 4th Starter?

    As far as trading Albies. Why would your create a hole at 2b and trad the best hit tool in the minors for Quintana. How do we know Compargo can be a ML starting 2b?

    I just hope Coppy thinks twice about Tehran and Albies before trading them. He better get a big Haul.

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    William A Says:

    I read someplace that the bust rate for rookie drafted pitchers is something on the order of 5-1, or, only 20% of them stick on a MLB roster. If true, then there is safety of sorts in numbers which the Braves have been accumulating over the past few years but the arrival dates of those 20% ‘keepers’ is less than certain.

    It seems a delicate balancing act being played out on the high wire. Or to quote that old classic Kenny Rogers song, ‘You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them” etc. It seems the Braves have arrived at this juncture ahead of schedule but I think the best course is ‘holding’ vs ‘all-in’. However, the packed houses at STP of late may influence the front office of keeping that momentum going forward NOW and, in the end, they may be right.

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    Patrick N Says:

    The catching duo has 16 homers and 60 rbi’s. This is amazing. Not enough appreciation for these guys.

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