July 30, 2017

Show 377: Dansby Down; Garcia Gone

Dansby Demoted. Garcia Traded. And a lot of Bad Baseball.



6 Responses to “Show 377: Dansby Down; Garcia Gone”

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    Shaun Says:

    Regarding the Garcia trade and the return the Braves got, a couple of weeks ago on the Fangraphs Audio podcast, Dave Cameron was discussing his trade value series he does every year, in which he ranks players by their trade values. He said when he sends the list to sources in the game, they always tell him to move down pitchers with injury problems.

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    Tyler Says:

    As if we needed another reason to realize that Snitker is a bad manager, the lineup and defensive alignment on the left side of the field tonight (Tuesday) was absolutely terrible. And he had a .300 hitter in Inciarte bunt to get a runner in scoring position for Danny Santana!!!! who was inexplicably batting second in the lineup. Ridiculous.

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    Tim N. Says:

    Can you guys revisit your predictions on # of wins on the season on next week’s show? Looking at the schedule and the way we’ve been playing, I don’t see this team reaching 70 wins.

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    Bubdylan Says:

    Steve, Ham, Curt, (Leah?), any of y’all going to the Dodgers game tomorrow, 8/3/2017?

  5. 5
    ncbravesfan82 Says:

    I have a feeling that that three things will happen with Dansby either he’ll be offered in a trade for either a starting pitcher moved to 3rd base or go to the winter leagues hit lights out and parlay that into next season

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Lol….Danny Santana in the 2-hole. Guess you can try different things when there is no pressure to make the playoffs. However, I’d be trying to get the most from the roster in every game. Perhaps the AAA mentality of managing crept in here?

    Also, it’s a shame they didn’t pick up some more younger players for some of their disposable veterans.

    Anyway, not a Braves fan…but some more of my thoughts on the team again.

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