August 27, 2017

Show #381: Our 10th Anniversary

Talking with Frenchy. All-Time ABT highlights. Folty? Dansby! Ozzie!



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    Anne Says:

    Happy Anniversary, fellas. The podcast is always a great way to start my week. Steve’s tease of a “very special guest” got me all excited it would be Ballpark Frank, but I suppose Frenchie was an adequate substitute.
    My favorite thing over ten years: finally telling Curt and Hamilton’s voices apart. Took me long enough.
    Here’s to ten more. Congratulations and thanks.

  2. 2
    William A Says:

    Random thoughts about the NOW and the near future:
    1) Folty will pitch himself into being a late inning reliever which is where I thought he should be before present day.
    2) Related, it now appears that Wisler has found his niche in the bullpen
    3) If the market hasn’t arrived short term for Phillips, why not entice him to a team friendly 2 year deal to remain with the Braves?
    4) I’d rather have a head coach or manager the team fears than likes, one that holds the players accountable and not be the easy rider type. So long Snitker? I hope so.
    5) I agree with Francoeur on getting a reliable stopper starting pitcher in the off-season. That guy is current MIA on the Braves.

  3. 3
    Eric Says:

    For all the Coppy a genius talk I’m not sure. Newcomb looks like total crap, Dansby ehh maybe. We gave up most likely a lock Hall-a-famer in Simmons….bleh I can only vomit.

  4. 4
    Eric Says:

    Oh I’m sick of the folty crap too, dude either sh*t or got off the pot. So sick of him looking good for some, and total garbage in others.

  5. 5
    Doesitreallymatteranymore Says:

    Random thoughts about the future of our Bravos, which I already have conveyed on both YouTube & the AJC website some 2 years ago. Though not proudly, I must honestly say. They being that this franchise will not begin to show even the remotest signs of compete until 2020 & ‘IF’ the stars ever do align for them maybe, just maybe they will have a legitimate shot at the post season in 2025.

  6. 6
    Matt Says:

    @Doesitreallymatteranymore your 2025 prediction happens to coincide with the earliest braves TV deal expires…or is that 2027?

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