September 04, 2017

Show #382: Braves Stumble Down the Stretch

A horrible last 45 games. Snitker’s future? Phillips gone. Freddie playing? Front Office Dissent?



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    Doesitreallymatteranymore Says:

    Damn, I haven’t been this depressed over the current state of ‘our’ Braves since the conclusion of last week’s podcast. Good lord, when will the bloodletting end?

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    William A Says:

    Mine may well be the lonely voice from the wilderness but I’ll say it: THE REBUILD OF THE BRAVES IS FAILING! How to remedy this? Fire the front office and get rid of the old guard like JS and BC who insist on keeping their oars in the water. Go away! The pitching has been horrid, the position players are average or less so it doesn’t take a genius to put the blame on the likes of the squeaky voiced moron Coppy and the houseman Snitker.

    I’d sooner see a total re-set of the front office, phasing out the vets and going with youth than suffer through another dose of front office off-season BS. As Shaun pointed out in another article, it may be time to move Inciarte. I’d put FF in that status as well. If you’re rebuilding AGAIN, do it right this time and put competent upper and field managers in place that have a clue about talent.

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    Tyler Says:

    The ignorance in that last comment is appalling. Good god man, rebuilds don’t happen over night!! They take time. Yes the front office overstepped when they said it would be a short rebuild. If we are contending for a wild card spot in 2019 then the rebuild will be a success. 4 years is pretty quick turn around.

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    Tyler Says:

    To clarify, I’m not saying the wild card should be the goal. We want to win the division. But a wild card birth in 2019 would be a big step in the right direction, obviously. I think signing Alex Cobb is a MUST for the front office this off-season.

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    William A. Says:

    I won’t dignify that view but will say airing opinions and comments are supposed to be the rationale behind having a comments section. More of that is needed on this forum. Less labeling and name calling by the posters would also be advisable.

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    Tyler Says:

    I didn’t label or call you anything. I just thought that particular point you made was a little short sighted is all. The front office said the Braves would be ready to contend in 2017. Obviously they over shot themselves by saying that, but just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean the rebuild is a failure. They have a stockpile of young, talented prospects, not all of which will pan out or even figure things out right away at the big league level. They have a talented young core playing well together. The future is bright. You have the right to be frustrated, but I would urge some patience. The rebuild is not failing.

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    Eric Says:

    You said his point was ignorant, that is insulting his opinions Tyler. If the young pitchers pan out, then we have a bright future. We will need one of them to turn into a true no. 1 starter, Teheran belongs as a 3 or below. Acuna looks like a legit superstar in making.

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    A Podcast Listener Says:

    On the Braves near future…really thinking Bryce Harper will be a Yankee in 2019 (the same time I see the Braves entering into a perennial World Series threat for a few years).

    Unfortunately, I see the Yankees being the barrier for the Braves if they enter the World Series in 2019, 2020 , 2021 or 2022.

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