November 28, 2017

Show #390: The Hammer Comes Down

The penalties. The lifetime ban. The uncertain future. But . . . Acuna!



2 Responses to “Show #390: The Hammer Comes Down”

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    Shaun Says:

    Coppy and Hart, et al. deserve what they got. (Well, maybe a lifetime ban was a bit harsh, although I’m sure Coppy can apply for reinstatement at some point. Plus, who knows if he’d have been hired by another team at any point anyway.) They blatantly broke rules and should have known better than to break them so egregiously. There’s not doubt about it.

    There’s also no doubt that MLB’s rules regarding international signings are silly. A multi-billion-dollar industry tries to prevent a few extra million from going to Latin American teenagers, most of whom are from impoverished backgrounds. I think MLB sets the thresholds low for this reason. If MLB is serious about discouraging one team from getting an edge over another, set limits that are closer to what these players would get on the open market, tax teams that go over, but don’t limit teams from getting players, as a penalty.

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    Tcc Says:

    HOF class will be announced on Wednesday. Pitchers and catchers report 2/13. I’m getting long as the Braves hold on to Acuna…

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