February 19, 2018

Show #392: On the Brink of Spring Training

Moylan Comes Home. “The Best Shape of Their Lives.” Folty Simmers. Spring Stories to Get Excited About.



3 Responses to “Show #392: On the Brink of Spring Training”

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    If I were a Braves fan, I’d be very cynical about the team having a lot of success anytime soon (as long as Liberty Media is in control).

  2. 2
    William A Says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing all the 2019 talk when the Braves will be able to compete for a playoff berth. OR a case could be made that it might be 2020…do I hear 21? My point is, what’s wrong with NOW? How to do this: Sweep out all vestiges of the old guard. Tell JS thanks but get lost, ditto Bobby Cox. Dump Snitker because if the players all love the guy, it tells me they’re okay with finishing 15-20 games under .500 and like being comfortable. How about Girardi? I hear he’s looking for work.

    Anyone not committed to winning NOW can be comfortable on the Marlins’, Royals, Reds etc rosters. Go for it and pay the free agents like Moustakas and Areitta now. “But, but, this isn’t in the budget”, whines the front office. Change the damned budget or if you don’t have the cajones to cross swords with the bosses at Liberty Media, you need to get out too.

    Rant over.

  3. 3
    Podcast Listener Says:

    MLB fans always seem to forget that MLB is a business.

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