April 02, 2018

Show #395: A Great Start to the Season

Braves come out strong. Thoughts on the Opening Day Roster. What is the best lineup?



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    C’mon March 29th/18 Says:

    Great show, fella’s. Except it came a day late as far as y’all praising the team for a ‘rousing’ start to the season. Because regardless of who the Braves played last night, Newcomb would have got his arse handed to him. And sure ‘we’ are only 4 games in, but dang it how much longer will A.A. stick with him? My guess is not to much longer, thank goodness. Anyway, I could go on & on & on about ‘our’ starters, but instead let’s call a spade a spade & say that before this team can even dream about competing for a playoff spot something HAS GOT TO GIVE with the starting rotation. Agreed???

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    Shaun Says:

    Regarding Freeman batting 3rd, I agree. Here’s something on batting order and teams putting their best hitter 3rd:

    From this article: https://www.fangraphs.com/tht/constructing-lineups/

    “In the 1988 Baseball Abstract, Bill James found that teams score the most runs in the first inning and the fewest runs in the second. This makes sense when you think about it, because lineups are structured to score the most when the leadoff batter bats first. But he also found that the overall average of the two innings was less than the average of every other inning. In other words, the typical lineup was overemphasizing the first inning at the expense of the second inning.

    “One of the problems is that teams often put their highest OBP batter in the third position, but the #3 spot is the one LEAST likely to lead off the second inning. James said it, others agreed, and The Book confirms it. In addition, The Book found that the #3 hitter has more plate appearances with two out and nobody on. So the run value of every hit (except the home run) is lower in the third position than in any other of the top five positions. That’s why they recommend putting your fifth-best hitter in the three spot.”

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    William A Says:

    The Olivera and Newcomb trades continue to haunt the Braves, obviously, but of even greater concern is the lack of a breakout pitching talent to emerge. We keep waiting, buy into the hype about the likes of (fill in the blank with your two top names) but so far, NADA. Case in point: The current starters don’t scare anyone as far as I can tell and the others down on the farm remain unproven.

    I won’t even get into the position players but, add it all up and until & unless some game changing type talent emerges, we’re looking down the barrel of another lost season.

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    Ben Norwood Says:

    You could try Ozzy’s Shot in the Dark until they tell you to stop. Hey, maybe they’ll never know!

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    There is no doubt, they have more talent to work with this year (as I’ve stated before). The ballpark/Battery is doing well with attendance/business. I can say that much.

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