April 08, 2018

Show #396: Are the Braves Really This Good?

A Hot Start. Is this the real Dansby and Julio? What to do with Preston?



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    Tyler Says:

    I’ve got a question for y’all. Acuña started the season 0-8. So my question is, if he’s still struggling, do you think there’s any way he stays down in the minors on Friday? Or will they pull him up regardless. Let’s say he’s hitting. 197/250/380.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    I can’t imagine anything delays his debut. I still expect him to start next Monday in Atlanta.

  3. 3
    C’mon March 29th/18 Says:

    3 Thoughts before the 1st pitch gets tossed this evening…

    -The ‘optimist’ in me sees ‘our’ Braves going 3-3 this week.

    -Freddie Freeman is ‘THE STRAW’ that stirs the Braves drink. ’NOT’ Dansby Swanson.

    -Ozzie Albies

  4. 4
    Podcast Listener Says:

    I think they are going to start coming back “down to earth”.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    Very possible (coming down to earth). A second loss tonight would be tough.

  6. 6
    William A Says:

    The Braves have gotten off to a far better start than I could have imagined, but it’s only a start and if they end the upcoming Cubs series by being .500 overall, I call this a huge win for getting out of the starting blocks as well as they did. Is it fool’s gold or portend something grander as the season unfolds?

    That is the question, isn’t it? On the grander scenario, someone HAS to become the man on the pitching staff, the stopper, the sure thing #1 ace. A tall order and looking at the current starters, I don’t see that guy. Let’s review:

    Folty: Certainly has the arsenal of pitches to do it but still inconsistent and with questionable focus or mental toughness.

    Newcomb: Same as Folty

    Teheran: A runaway train that sometimes stays on the track, sometimes becomes a train wreck, so, no. Notice too, that his fastball has lost 2-3 mph which is not a good sign.

    McCarthy/Sanchez: Perennial back of rotation guys who won’t scare any opposing team.

    Realistically, it looks like and up and down season unless there’s a pitcher who steps out of the shadows and becomes that ace.

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