April 29, 2018

Show #399: Acuna, At Last

Acuna arrives. Albies rakes. The starters shine.



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    Startingtobelievebutstillnotsold Says:

    After watching his entire Blue Jays career here in Toronto, just the mere thought of having J. Bautista on the roster makes my skin crawl. I mean in terms of cockiness alone, isn’t already having one real insolent cat (Folty) on our team enough? Besides, Bautista will be long gone before the Braves challenge for a playoff spot anyway. As for the week that just was, props as per usual go out to 2018 National League All-Stars Ozzie/Freddie/Ender. Brandon McCarthy & of course, the great weekend that was for R. ‘The Real Deal’ Acuna, as well. Now bring on the N.Y. Metropolitans & GO BRAVES !!!

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    Walker Says:

    Can the National League please adopt the DH. I’m surprised the Players Union hasn’t demanded this yet. The DH would allow us to have Comargo in there. It would potentially provide a spot for Dustin Peterson or Austin Riley down the line.

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    Tyler Says:

    Jose Bautista is well regarded around the league as a great clubhouse guy. His teammates love him. So he gets cocky when he crushes a home run. So what? This isn’t 1970. The world is becoming soft as hell.

    No I don’t think he will be productive, but it was a low risk/high reward move. Why not take a flyer and see if he can hit 20 and driven in 60?

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    Startingtobelievebutstillnotsold Says:

    Hey there, Tyler. Truly no disrespect, but thank you for making me laugh out loud after reading your comment about Jose Bautista being ‘well respected’ around the league & being a ‘great clubhouse guy’ to boot. And for somehow, someway linking & labelling someone as being ‘soft’ simply because they have no time or respect for cocky athlete(s) as well.

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    Tyler Says:

    I never called you soft. I apologize if you took it that way. Anyway, everyone he has played with loves him as a teammate. He IS a good clubhouse guy. Just because opponents hate him doesn’t mean his teammates do as well. That’s one of the reasons we brought him over. Don’t speak on something you don’t know anything about.

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    Tyler Says:

    The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


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    DAP Says:

    Hey guys! great show!

    You know, Ozzie doesnt have a history of walking alot either. both he and inciarte are more contact guys. i think with both of them on the team, inciarte leading off and ozzie hitting second works, because ozzie switch hits. if inciarte keeps up his normal .350ish OBP, he fits well at leadoff.

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    Startingtobelievebutstillnotsold Says:

    Tyler, we could argue this Bautista ‘thing’ 9 ways to Sunday. However because I would rather chat about the players currently on the Braves roster instead, let’s not. Except to ask, I am just curious to find out how many Toronto Blue Jays games you might have watched Bautista play in during his 9 year tenure here in Toronto? How many pregame/post game shows & our city’s 2 all-sports radio stations you might have regularly listened to and or watched? And how many of the 2 National & 1 local based newspapers available here in Toronto you might have read during the baseball season while he was here, as well? I rest my case. Take care, brother. Go Braves !!!

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    Tyler Says:

    I give you a legit source and now all of a sudden you’re FROM Toronto? Give me a break. Out of respect for this podcast and the people who run it, I’m just gonna leave this be. Go Braves!

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    Anne Says:

    In other news…was at Coolray Field this past Sunday for Gwinnett Stripers v Durham Bulls. No panic, everyone: We lost, AND Chopper is still the walk-around mascot (like a bass could breathe AIR – sheesh!) AND the ballpark is as intimate and beautiful as ever. The crowd was fairly large but inordinately silent. Almost strangely silent. Having been my first Stripers game of the season, I can’t speak as to what came before, and I know Acuna’s gone forever to The Bigs (as it should be) but wish the minor league pep had been there. Regardless: Go, Braves!!

  11. 11
    Steve Says:

    Anne – Interesting about Chopper. I kinda forgot about him. Although, it doesn’t really make sense that he’s still the mascot.

    Regarding Bautista – I’m telling you, he’s never going to make it to the big club. And if he does, the experiment won’t last long.

    Hey DAP – it’s a fair point about both of them.

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