June 24, 2018

Show #407: A Disappointing Week

Playing bad against bad teams. Is there money to help? A tough slate before the ASG. Can we stay in first?



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    DAP Says:

    Good job, guys. I think they Braves remain in first place at the break. Phils and Nats beat up on each other four more times, giving us a shot to hold them off a bit. Phils just swept the nats, and that is not going to happen over their forthcoming 4 game series. i think we hold them off.

  2. 2
    DAP Says:

    I just realized my error. the Phils did not sweep. still, i think this next week gives the braves a chance to put some distance between them and their pursuers.

  3. 3
    Podcast Listener Says:

    The best business move is to stand pat. Looking at this from a strictly-business view, I don’t think Liberty Media should spend a dime (it’s the best business move, in my opinion). The Ballpark/Battery are drawing well. There’s plenty of interest in the team. After all, there’s more money in a long chase, than a short championship run.

    Anyway…would be interesting if they actually did open up the pocketbook. I’m highly doubtful much money will be spent. There just isn’t any reason to (from a business-standpoint).

    I’m afraid that’s just how things are with the Braves. Liberty Media is in charge.

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    William A Says:

    Between the Pez dispenser comments from AA thanking all his predecessors for assembling the talent and front office double talk, it’s neigh on to impossible to assess the genuine status of the team now, the near future and into 2019. I tend to agree with Podcast (above) that given the ownership uncertainty and lack of funds, the best move is to continue to build for the future and not sell off assets to fuel what is likely fool’s gold team performance to date.

  5. 5
    Tyler Says:

    AA has said several times that Liberty has nothing to do with baseball activities. Perhaps it’s just gm talk, but he said theirs money to spend.

  6. 6
    Tyler Says:

    **there is**

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