July 01, 2018

Show #408: Jekyll and Hyde All Over Again

Great pitching and horrible pitching. Losing against bad team, beating great teams. Freddie slumps, while Ender, Ozzie and Johan do not. Who scares you in the East?



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    Thomas Says:

    Love, love, love the way ‘our’ Braves have played so far this year & am going to throughly enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. That said, in my opinion the (real) rubber hits the road for me starting tonight in the Big Apple vs. the sizzling hot N.Y. Yankees. Because already having lost 2 of 3 to the powerhouse Boston Red Sox in May, this is yet another opportunity to see if this incarnation of the Braves can truly hang with the ‘big boys’ of MLB. And also against a team that along with the previously mentioned Red Sox & the defending WS Champion Houston Astros have there eyes laser focused on not only making it to ‘The Show’ but winning it all, as well. So naturally a strong showing in New York would go a (very) long way in convincing me anyway, that both the present/future are indeed really sustainable & that the boys from ‘Cobb County’ are the ‘real deal’ as well. So here is hoping & GO BRAVOS !!!

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Thomas – thanks for chiming in and for listening to the show. No doubt that this series with the Yankees is a big gut check. However, losing 2 – 3 would also not be the end of the world. For one thing, the bullpen should (it better!) look different by the end of this month. And the Yankees/Red Sox/Astros are also on a different planet compared to everyone else in MLB. Losing the series in NY wouldn’t change the fact that the NL is not dominated by any team right now. Big opportunity to make some noise in the playoffs for the Braves.

  3. 3
    Tyler Says:

    Nolan Arenado is frustrated in Colorado. Riley/Pache/Toussaint for Arenado.

  4. 4
    William A Says:

    I’d say if the Braves go 3-4 over the next 7 games against the YankMes and Brew-crew, they’ve officially passed the “Are they real?” test, giving them a 6-4 roadtrip record. Even a 5-5 road record would keep them in the conversation somewhat.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    Agreed. 6 – 4 would be an amazing outcome. Particularly after the O’s and Reds series. Big ol’ week ahead.

  6. 6
    kevin Says:

    im not sure you tell me after tonights game at yankee stadium im just curious are yall really braves fans or just some podcast looking for something to hate on the braves about i mean damn they didnt have their best player against the bad teams geeze

  7. 7
    kevin Says:

    well we are 4-0 on this road trip so we are in good shape for 6-4 or 7-3 on this road trip!

  8. 8
    Walker Says:

    The Braves need another starter NOW along with Bullpen help

    Folty – Stud but young
    Newcomb – Very Good but gets nervous with big time opponents and innings count is getting to new territory
    Julio- Extremely inconsistent. This really should be his last year with us. A change in scenery would help him a lot
    Annibal- Veteran pitcher is good SO FAR but will prob regress to mean.
    McCarthy- Very hittable, inconsistent and injury prone
    Soroka-Hurt and Young

    This isn’t World Series potential right now. Trade Allard and Pache for DeGrom and be done with it.

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