July 09, 2018

Show #409: The 10 Game Road Trip Ends with a Thud

The 2-5 week. Braves in on Machado. Carter Stewart does not sign. Braves ASG selections.



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    Thomas Says:

    No disrespect intended Steve & Curt, but I think the odds are better that both Warren Spahn AND Eddie Matthews will literally & figuratively rise from the dead to once again play for the Braves than ‘our team’s’ management somehow, someway not only trading for Manny Machado at the deadline, but signing him to a long term contract after doing so, as well. That said, would I ‘love’ to see him wearing Braves colours after the July 31st deadline? My word, is that really even a question? And even if it did involve Dansby Swanson & a package going the other way in return, as well. Since I really don’t think that there is a chance in hades of that happening though, I personally would/do not have any issues with A.A. & management just staying the course and sticking with the ‘plan’. At least for the remainder of this season anyway. While relishing in the fact that on most nights, the team as currently constructed has been an absolute pleasure to watch. So, yeah…Go Bravos!!! And thanks again for another great podcast, fella’s. Cheers !!!

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    Shaun Says:

    I would not want the Braves to give up Dansby and others nor anything else it would likely take for a couple months of Machado. It would be great to have him but the price is probably too steep for a player whose contract ends at the end of the season.

    As far as him playing third or short for his new team, he can make a fuss but, once he’s with his new team, what good does that do him? If I’m him or his agent, I want every team possible involved in the bidding for his services, whether it’s teams that need a shortstop or teams that need a thirdbaseman. It does him no good to make too much of a stink about playing thirdbase. I kind of don’t blame him for making a stink now to try to coax a trade to a team that will stick him at short, as making a stink now is about the only way he has any control over a trade. But once he’s with a team, it would behoove him to just go out there an play.

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    William A Says:

    First of all, excellent show by Steve and Curtis. You guys are into it and provide superb analysis. My take on what’s going down in 2018: AA is also excellent at the art of front office double talk. If he had the green light to spend above and beyond the budget dictated by Liberty Media it might be a far different outcome for 2018.

    I don’t believe he has that green light or anything close to it. AA is talking the talk but unable to walk the walk when it comes to ‘going for it’ in 2018. He’ll get on MLB Rumors about being ‘in’ on Machado which cannot be difficult to do with those rumor mongering web sites. Truth be told, he’s already played most of his chips on the Kemp deal in the off season, did not expect the Braves to be where they are now, and is now finessing his way to 2019.

    Will the Braves make a significant move before the trade deadline? You tell me.

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    Walker Says:

    It’s amazing how a whole baseball season can change in a week. We are in trouble. The bullpen is mediocre, the starting rotation is falling apart, and Snitker insist in rolling out the same stale lineup. Smh

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    Steve Says:

    William – I agree that AA talks about $s not being any sort of limiting factor and I can’t believe it’s true. And, MY GOD, I want AA to surprise us all with a big move. But, I doubt it. I think the Braves will get a reliever and, just maybe, a lower tier starter.

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    William A. Says:

    On another note, although I haven’t pitched in many years, I’ll bet Newcomb a $100 I can throw more overhand curves for strikes out of 10 attempts than he can and that, home readers, is sad.

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