July 15, 2018

Show #410: The All Star Break

To Trade or Not To Trade (again). ASG predictions. Halfway point awards.



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    Thomas Says:

    As far as A.A. making any significant moves at the trade deadline this year, I as a Braves ‘lifer’ would be completely content if he just saves his bullets in that regard. That said, would I like to see some new blood coming through the clubhouse door next season to assist in getting this team over the hump & conversely some bodies on the current squad getting unceremoniously shipped out, you betcha I would. But lets leave that for another day.
    My vote for ‘our’ teams MVP thus far goes to Ozzie Albies. Simply because of the little man’s unequalled ‘jam’ & passion for the game. And for being a cat who so clearly exhibits the fact that he would run through a brick wall to win and or literally/figuratively die on the field trying. Oh, did I mention that he is already an ‘All-Star’ in the big leagues, as well? And barring injury, will be for many, many more years to come. IMHO, of course.
    As for our teams ‘Cy Young’ winner/leader at the half way point of the season, I just have to go with Anibal Sanchez. A pitcher who I quite frankly thought would be an unmitigated disaster on the hill this season. Especially coming off 3 very subpar years in Detroit prior to joining the Braves. But the way he has pitched this year, in addition to his big league experience has been more of a benefit than I think anyone in the organization could have even hoped for. And because every big league pitching staff needs a veteran or two in there rotation, he is most definitely an asset worth holding onto, as well. Or at least from my point of view anyway.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I’m not surprised that Sanchez has been solid. I knew he was capable of getting things turned around. It looks like Ocuna may turn out to be one of those high strikeout guys in the lineup. He’ll need to get on base and hit for more power than he’s shown to be a real force.

    I don’t think one can really expect AA to make any significant moves considering ownership. The most money is in the chase. I think they are aiming for a nice 4 year window where the team will be “in the hunt”. I highly doubt they will a win World Series, but you never know (there are many factors involved).

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    Tim N. Says:

    ASG questions: I heard one of the announcers say last night that the game doesn’t count for anything. Has MLB done away with the idea of having the ASG determine home field advantage in the World Series? Or has it gotten to a point where it’s just accepted across the board that that doesn’t really matter one way or the other?

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    William A Says:

    First, all star games are exhibitions at best and going-thru-the-motions ‘brother in law’ games at worst. I’d sooner see a skills competition among the stars that what’s being served up at present including the incredibly boring home run derby.

    Next, the AA-speak on deadline trades hits its crescendo. He says, “We’re not interested in rental players for in house assets but can find the money to shop for anyone on longterm contracted players.” Translation:

    We don’t remotely expect any longterm asset to reach our criteria. Instead, we’re feeding the media and fans the catnip they like to get them pacified for 2018 and onto next year. If I go all in this year and it doesn’t work out, I’ll be the scapegoat so I’d like to play it safe enough to keep my job for the next few years at least.

    Cynicism? Yes, but I’ve seen this movie too many times in the past.

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    Tyler Says:

    It’s called being smart. Why trade prospects for a rental when you can just sign those rentals in the off-season and not give up any prospects.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    William A…nothing wrong with being cynical. This is how a capitalistic society works (just follow the money/look at ownership). We see it reflected in MLB all of the time. This system (capitalism) is also why many people make things so complex lol…. Your cynicism is welcome.

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