July 22, 2018

Show #411: A Mid-Season Check in with Kevin McAlpin

Kevin McAlpin at the break. Fair or Foul on Trades and the Braves Outlook for rest of season.



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    William A Says:

    Another good show by the hosts. Thank you for this. I’m pretty much in agreement with the discussion on the Braves future heading into the final 2 months of the season in that I expect more of a fall back to pre-season expectation and will go with 81 wins or .500 for the year. Now if AA goes crazy and grows a pair, that could change but I’m not expecting it.

    81 wins is definitely exceeding my pre-season forecast so that’s good but like most fans, once I see possibilities for over achieving, I want more. I also think Snitker is mainly a placeholder for a younger and more dynamic modern manager but not this season. Off topic a bit, but I like what I see and hear from Mark DeRosa on his MLB show as an example of that younger more dynamic guy to lead the Braves in the future.

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    Steve Says:

    Hi William – glad you liked the show. If the Braves play over .500 by the end of the season, Snitker will remain. There would have to be an historic collapse to change that.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I correctly predicted their record last year at 72-90. I have them going 78-84 this year. We’ll see what happens down the stretch. They haven’t been playing so good (of late). A lot can happen during the last few months. They’ve had a great run so far. I’m not a Braves fan, but I have to give them credit. I’d hate to see Snitker let go if they finish the season as I’ve predicted. I think that would definitely sour the team.

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    Thomas Says:

    *Hate to be the proverbial ‘stick in the mud’ but this season is starting to slip away faster than a boatload of rainbow printed shirts would sell at a LGBT festival*

    *Even with all the conjecture here in Toronto that some in Blue Jays management, the media & alot of the teams fan base are really starting to get tired of his ‘act’ (me included) I honestly do think that ‘if’ the team were to trade Marcus Stroman, that ‘our’ Braves would/will be the most likely landing spot for him. And the fact that A.A. is intimately familiar with his exploits, makes it even more plausible that he very well could end up in a Braves uniform, if not this season then for the start of the 2019 campaign for sure. And for me if the package going the other way were to include a combination of both Dansby Swanson & or Johan Camargo, amongst others, I would pull the trigger in an instant. Because as previously mentioned, while I despise any athlete who is ‘full of themselves’ (and trust me that Stroman is all that & more) particularly when they have accomplished absolutely bupkis in there chosen profession up until this point, our team is in desperate need of pitching (regardless of what Coppy was trying to sell we fans the past few years) and the facts are that when Stroman is ‘on’ that little son of a gun really can out pitch the best of em’.* So yeah, I could hold my nose having him as part of ‘our’ starting rotation if that meant the Braves could/would only get better. And be perennial contenders, year in & year out*

    *Rightly or wrongly & regardless of where the Braves finish this season (which as of late is starting to look like, outside of the playoffs) I do think that the team should/will have a new manager in place come the start of the 19’ season. And as much as everyone is on the ‘young, analytic & first time manager’ bandwagon (which I quite frankly think is poppycock. In terms of some people thinking that it is somehow now the ‘only’ way to go these days) the very first name on my personal list to replace Snitker would be Ron Washington. A manager who all things considered did a stellar job as manager of the Texas Rangers, one who has a boatload of respect inside MLB circles & most importantly, with the players he currently works with on the Braves, as well. And because I am big on seeing players giving maximum effort, game in/game out & reading their body language too, I think another perfect candidate to take our team to the next level/phase in our progress would be Joe Girardi. A cat who is tough when he needs to be, but who is also very fair when dealing with players. And who’s overall managerial record of 988–794 undeniably speaks for itself, as well*

    *GO BRAVOS!!!*

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Thomas…what you are saying has some truth to it. My “Big Picture” says the Braves are not winning a World Series this year, regardless of a Stroman deal or what not. AA doesn’t have the resources available to “wheel and deal” his way into a World Championship. He does, however, have the ability to keep the Braves “in the hunt” over the next 5 years (or so). Winning a World Series in the Atlanta market is a feat that is beyond commendable.

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