July 29, 2018

Show #412: The Deadline is Here

Newcomb’s near no-no. An average July. Options at the trade deadline. Chipper’s HOF Moments.



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    TORONTOThomas Says:

    While it is painfully obvious to anyone with a good set of eyes & or ears that the Braves need pitching, pitching & more pitching (then again, what team doesn’t? If even just to add as many good arms to there rotations as humanly possible) I honestly would not even consider trading for Chris Archer, Steve. A player who I personally think is overvalued (of course that being a personal opinion of mine, based on the fact that I have seen him pitch many a time. Both live here in Toronto & on TV) & who quite honestly in my humble opinion, makes another overrated AL ‘ace’ ‘King’ Felix Hernandez look like Greg Maddux whenever he takes the hill. Plus I really would love to see Luiz Gohara, when healthy given a real, honest to goodness crack at making the rotation, as well. All that said, if we were all in agreement on what management & A.A. should try to do to make ‘our’ team better, both in the present & for the future, then this would be both a rather boring podcast & forum for we fans to express our thoughts/ideas, as well. Agreed ???

    As for my predictions for the week ahead go (though I am positive that no one is clamouring to know them) I say the team takes 1 of 3 against the Marlins & takes 3 of 4 from the Metropolitans.

    Happy Trade Deadline Day tomorrow, y’all. And as per custom…GO BRAVES !!!


    Marlins mets

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    Tyler Says:

    I don’t want to get into a debate about the tweets. They were dumb and he shouldn’t have posted them. But it’s clear to me that there was no hatred behind them, unlike Hader’s tweets earlier this month. When he tweeted the soft “n” word, he copy and pasted rap lyrics; hardly the same as calling someone the “n” word. He called himself a gay slur; again not the same as him calling a gay person the slur. These tweets were dumb, but they weren’t hateful. He apologized as he should have, let’s move on.

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    Tyler Says:

    In terms of the trade deadline, I would like the Braves to add another reliever, but perhaps promoting Toussaint and Phillips to pitch out of the bullpen would solve the problem. I love the two trades we made. Certainly, they aren’t the best pitchers, but they’re an improvement regardless. And we kept our prospect. Brilliant moved by AA. And how great has Camargo been? Especially for a non prospect.

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    William A Says:

    As usual, excellent analysis and show by the hosts. I agree on the broad overview of the Braves in 2018 and, leading up to the deadline when most of the bones have been picked over by the buzzards or contending teams, I have to go Carole King on you here and say “It’s too late baby, it’s too late.”

    Reality bites hard and so it is that the Braves have more than likely reached their apex or close to it this season so laying up and avoiding the water hazards might not be the only option but probably the best.

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    Yaramah Z Says:

    Love the trades we made. A bit more than I expected. Think it will re-invigorate the team. Should be exciting baseball these last two months, which I don’t think too many people really believed would happen at the start of the season.

    I don’t think any of the prospects will be missed much, so we haven’t hindered our ability to compete next year. Which I think is what Hammy was worried about. And really, once you’re in the position the Braves are in, you have to try and improve the team. Now lets see where this goes. Go Braves!

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    Steve Says:

    Yaramah – agreed on AA’s move. Conservative approach, little to no impact to the farm all while making the team better. How much better is the question, of course. Brach looked great in his first appearance. Glausman could benefit in that same change of scenery/good defense behind him kind of way. And I’m very exicted for the new Ender/Duvall platoon.

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