August 26, 2018

Show #416: A Big Rebound Week

Takeaways from the Pirates and Marlins series. Ozzie struggles. Dansby’s new offense. Snitker’s in-game moves. And the Post Season Hope Meter.



4 Responses to “Show #416: A Big Rebound Week”

  1. 1
    Tyler Says:

    Lol, what?

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Tyler – yeah, that was spam.

  3. 3
    William A Says:

    Expecting the worst, hoping for the best? That’s where I am with these seemingly schizophrenic Braves, which by definition, affects the ability to think, feel and behave clearly. Culberson’s errant flip on a DB ball last night is an example. The schedule gets rough going forward, to say the least. Either they find that early season mojo or start singing “Sayonara, whisper 2019” or something along those lines.

  4. 4
    TorontoThomas Says:

    Stick a fork in the NL East, y’all. Because ‘the race’ is O.V.E.R. In my humble estimation, of course. Though because I do love suspence & hate when teams run away with there divisions so early that it almost makes the remainder of the regular season anti climatic, I hope that the Phillies can start getting out of their own way & make these last 20+ games a real challenge & interesting for ‘our’ Braves. If only just to keep them focused & on their toes rolling into playoffs. One series at a time though & as per usual…Go Bravos !!!

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