September 09, 2018

Show #418: Braves Salvage a Tough Week Against Playoff Contenders

Waxed by the Red Sox; Winning in Arizona. Snitker vs. Bullpen. Dansby dansbys. Ozzie in the post season?



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  1. 1
    DAP Says:

    Great show guys. Postseason hope meter is a 10 for me, and magic number is 12 by the end of the day Sunday.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Thanks, DAP. But 12 is too high…9 or 10.

  3. 3
    William A Says:

    Another superb show by the hosts. I’ve a lot to say here, so let’s eat up some broadband: I agree with the analysis on the pitching, especially the relief efforts and agree with why in the hell is Jackson and Sam Freeman throwing in these games going forward??? Good point made on going with the young up and coming guns than these cannon fodder throwers.

    The starters are all hit or miss. Some a bit better than others but as a staff they won’t make anyone forget the old Orioles staff that had four 20 game winners (about, 1971 I think). If they make it, I’m going with: Folty, Gausman and Touki. Teheran is too inconsistent.

    Drilling down on the remaining schedule with my unafraid predicitions in detail:

    At Giants. I expect 2 of 3 wins here. Madbum already threw yesterday and their staff beyond him doesn’t scare me.

    Nats at Braves. 1 of 3. Suntrust has become Kryptonite for some baseball Gods reason.

    Cards at Braves. 1 of 3. Same reason stated above.

    Phils at Braves. 2 of 4 because the Phils are inconsistent as well.

    Braves at Mets. DEPENDS on their starters. If it’s DeGrom, Thor and Wheeler? Well they are the Mets so I’ll go 2-1 for the Braves.

    Braves at Phils. Phils are fading. They’ll pitch Nola in the one they’ll win so Braves go 2-1.

    That’s 10 wins or 10-9 the rest of the way and, as predicited on these pages a week ago, 89 wins for the Braves. I think that should put a NFL East champ banner flying over Suntrust.

  4. 4
    Steve Says:

    William – thanks for listening and the kind words. Care to up your predictions any after the sweep in SF?

  5. 5
    William A Says:

    No, Steve, I’ll stay the course. 89 predicted wins still covers a Nats or Cards sweep at SunTrust. The division is still not clinched so until it is, I remain cautious. I do think we owe this unexpected surge to Mr. Acuna.

  6. 6
    Tyler Says:

    William, the Braves have to lose 13 of the next 16 to have any chance to lose the division lead. They’re winning the division.

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