September 16, 2018

Show #419: The Magic Number Reaches 8

Sweep of Giants Tarnished By The Walks Against Washington. Inside the numbers with relievers, Culberson, Ozzie and Acuna. Which 3 starters do you trust in the post season?



2 Responses to “Show #419: The Magic Number Reaches 8”

  1. 1
    Ben Norwood Says:

    Did you say Steve said we go 11-1 in the seven games?

  2. 2
    William A Says:

    Just over a week ago I made my season ending games predictions. Not that I have ESP powers, just instincts formed by observation, but have been pretty accurate so far. Reviewing, I thought the Braves would take 2-3 from SF. They were 3-3.
    Next I thought 1-3 against both the Nats and Cards at home which was correct.

    Now we have 4 games starting tonite with Philly at home. I called this 2-4 and later the Mets with the Braves going 2-3 which will wrap it up before finishing out at Philly. I guess I’ll stand by these late predictions but am not overly confident given the inconsistencies the team has shown in this time. Something is missing, be it lack of focus, intensity, leadership both on and off the field but clearly there’s a piston not firing.

    Regardless, it’s been a good season thus far. Not a great season but good is far better than the last few poor seasons so there’s that. If the Braves make the post season it will have been even better and I think most of us would have traded up to “good season” back in April.

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