September 23, 2018

Show #420: The Braves Are NL East Champs

Braves clinch. How do we best get ready for the playoffs? Who is our closer? Who do you want to face?



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    William A Says:

    Yet another exceptional show by the hosts so thank you for this. OK, I have to fess up. I thought the Braves would finish 2-2 against the Phils this past weekend and instead they swept! I did not see that coming but will be humble and say the Braves earned and deserved to win the NL East. I’m happy as I’m sure most of us are.

    Now a topic not covered as yet. Who makes the post season roster? I’m going position players only on this offering so mine are the usual starting guys/backup catcher and assuming that only 4 in all will be named, I’ll go with the obvious Culberson, then Suk/Flowers, Duda and……Lane Adams. LA can pinch run, play CF if needed and that HR he hit against the Phils in game 4 of the just concluded series did not hurt his chances.

    As to the pitching lineup, I’m going rogue here. I’d start Anibal then Gausman, Folty and Touki in that order. Teheran is WAY too inconsistent for a post season start, at least for me. Anibal provides savvy, experience and a steady hand. Gausman has all the goods and has performed quite well down the stretch. Folty is Folty. Good Folty or bad Folty? Too volatile for me to start him earlier. Touki earned his stripes in that must have game against the Cards to wrap that series so I don’t think the moment is too big for him.

    I expect though, that the hosts will be accurate in their assessments of the pitching order but still don’t think it’s the right move. Hey, post season!! Let’s all not get lost on the remarkable ride this has been and enjoy.

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    Steve Says:

    William – glad you liked the show. And yes, I agree on the Lane Adams assessment. His double and HR against Nola surely helped as well.

    I’m low key concerned that Touki doesn’t make the NLDS roster. That they only trust him as a starter but have no intention of starting him in the DS. Hopefully I’m wrong about that.

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    DAP Says:

    Awesome show guys. Fun stuff, and I can’t wait to see the Braves play in the postseason!!!

  4. 4
    Steve Says:

    Thanks, DAP. Eight days and counting.

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    Fingerboardskh Says:

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