September 30, 2018

Show #421: Gearing Up For the Post-Season

A lackluster last week. Sizing up the Rockies or Dodgers. Who is hot and who is not.



3 Responses to “Show #421: Gearing Up For the Post-Season”

  1. 1
    William A Says:

    My old high school coach was fond of saying: “If the choice to wager is between horses and people, bet on horses because they’re far more reliable”. This could be something special about to happen.

  2. 2
    Podcast Listener Says:

    This team is great (considering the circumstances involved)! They are sometimes mismanaged/lacking roster depth….but the fact remains…..this team making the playoffs should be considered a victory!

  3. 3
    William A Says:

    First congrats to the Braves for overachieving in 2018. Now, some “GET OFF MY LAWN!” comments:

    Snitker has taken the team as far as he’s capable. The team needs someone volatile who will hold them far more accountable not to mention some of the bizarre pitching changes he’s done.

    Rework the bullpen. We all know what that means and what I’m talking about, yes?

    Send Nick on his way with all good thanks AND wishes. The likelihood of him repeating 2018 numbers is slim, in my not so humble opinion. I’d sooner the Braves dip deep into the FA market for a proven OF stud than go after a C.

    There’s more to be done, but these are my top 3 with a bullet on each.

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