October 21, 2018

Show #423: Season Wrap Up with David O’Brien

David O’Brien of the Athletic discusses the Braves expectations-busting 2018 and looks toward the offseason and the Braves potential moves.



2 Responses to “Show #423: Season Wrap Up with David O’Brien”

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    Shaun Says:

    I’ve heard some suggest that it behooves Bryce Harper and Manny Machado to get opt-outs after two, maybe three years, after Mike Trout has reset the market (he’s a free agent after 2020). This makes a lot of sense and could only help the Braves land a Harper. I think it’s still unlikely but I think it actually helps their chances.

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    William A Says:

    O’Brien certainly didn’t hold much back during the interview in terms of his various opinions on personnel. He’s always struck me as a reactionary to any and all who disagree with him but that’s a topic for another time.

    Most all the pundits and websites think moves will be made this off-season and it does seem to be the case but, which moves? It’s not like the Braves have their private mint and printing presses in the basement churning out stacks and stacks of cash like the Yankees, Bosox and Dodgers apparently have. So, probably a ‘stop the presses’ trade or two? Perhaps but AA strikes me as a poker player who never shows his hand before striking. Wrapping it up, stay tuned.

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