November 27, 2018

Show #425: Braves Light the Hot Stove

Josh Donaldson! Brian McCann! What’s Next?!



11 Responses to “Show #425: Braves Light the Hot Stove”

  1. 1
    Patrick Says:

    What if McCann took less money not so he Braves could get Donaldson but Keuchel?

  2. 2
    Ben Norwood Says:

    What’s the hope meter on Brian mcCann?

  3. 3
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Hope meter on Brian McCann shows a max of .256 with 9 homers and 34 RBI’s.

  4. 4
    Podcast Listener Says:

    There really is no point in the Braves spending any more money this off-season. It’s really a case where they can get away with a lot and still draw many to the ballpark (with the current setup).

  5. 5
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Hope Meter Maxes For Other Braves:

    Teheran 3.89 ERA
    Gray 3.47 ERA
    Gausman 3.27 ERA
    Foltynewicz 3.38 ERA
    Newcomb 3.57 ERA
    Donaldson .281 29 Homers and 96 RBI’s
    Acuna .307 31 Homers and 81 RBI’s
    Markakis .298 19 Homers and 94 RBI’s
    Freeman .317 27 Homers and 111 RBI’s

  6. 6
    Podcast Listener Says:

    With the way the roster stands with this team (along with the rest of the league’s rosters)….the hope meter for the Braves maxes out at 88-74.

  7. 7
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Hope meter is showing a 2nd Place NL East finish (at best). With 4th place not too far off the meter. Of course, this is all based on the current roster situation.

    It is my opinion that the Braves need to add a real top of the rotation starter as well as a solid bullpen hand to have a real shot at anything.

  8. 8
    Podcast Listener Says:

    88-74 vs. 73-89…that’s the hope meter range (with my current data). Hope meter shows ballpark regularly filled despite a team that is borderline playoff contender. World Series Championship not likely for the Braves in the next 10 years (around 15 in 100).

  9. 9
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Hope meter showing chances of Braves defeating Dodgers in Playoffs…..right around 23 percent right now.

    Dodgers showing a hope meter max of 112-50 and a low of 94-68.

    Who says money spent doesn’t determine (largely) the outcome of baseball?

  10. 10
    Podcast Listener Says:

    But…of course, the most enticing bet would be the hope meter’s guess on the Cincinnati Reds………at max it’s 75-87 vs. the lowest of 68-94.

  11. 11
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Hope meter shows the likelihood of the Braves winning The World Series at 12%. The likelihood of you being ripped off at SunTrust Park is at around 99.9%.

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