February 10, 2019

Show 428: A Swing and a Miss on JT Realmuto

The JTR non-trade. Why no other moves? Should Julio be part of the rotation? Who else?



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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Still amazed that the Braves (*cough* Liberty Media) actually have spent what they have. They can get away with the roster they had from this past season and still rake in plenty of money at the ballpark/battery area for at least a few years.

    I would be shocked if they made any major moves from now til the next offseason. Not only did the ballpark locate in an area closer to where many Braves ballpark attendees live…but it also landed in an area where people were prone to overspend for pretty much everything. “The more money you make, the more you spend” rule does apply here.

    Though most Braves fans who are attending the games in the ballpark/battery area are being “raked over the coals”…they are given some degree of numbness by being, somewhat “affluent”.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I’m also still standing by my prediction that the Reds and Braves will put together a deal around “the deadline.” This will result in the Reds getting Inciarte somehow….and the Braves getting Sonny Gray as part of this deal.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I believe Julio should be a part of the rotation at the start of the season. I believe Gausman is the true ace of this team for most of the season (with Folty very close behind). If the Braves do “throw away” some money for Keuchel, then you’d have a couple of pseudo-aces in Gausman and Keuchel to go with Folty. Still, having three no. 2 (at best) starters isn’t a bad thing for a team at the Major League level.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Carlos Gonzalez (CarGo…former Rockies great) is a free agent. Not only should a team like Pittsburgh or the Braves be looking at him…but…this begs the question…what are the top 5 “corporate friendly markets” for baseball? Or more exactly, what are the top 5 markets where profit margins outweigh any sense of winning?

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    Walker Says:

    Throwback Thursday when we actually spent money to win.


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    William A Says:

    Very good show this time especially true since you guys took all my followup comments out of play in that you covered most of the issues of the organization, its spending or lack thereof and its cloudy vision of where the future is going from here.?
    I too am over the double talk from AA about the ‘right deal’ and ‘if it makes sense’ and all the other empty rhetoric that one could plug in on most any question from the media or fans.
    Fortune favors the bold. AA if you’re reading this, think about that. I also agree that the time to win is NOW. If Realmuto is an upgrade to help win then you mortgage some of the prospect riches and go for it. It’s as if the Braves are saving all their acorns for a bleak winter and a flood (like age of players/injuries) comes along and washes them away leaving us on the doorstep of another rebuild or 5 year plan. Yuck

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    Just like the second commenter here is sticking to his prediction about S. Gray, I am also steadfastly forcasting that current Toronto Blue Jays starter, one Mr. Marcus Stroman will also be sporting a Braves uniform before this seasons end, as well. And while certainly not ‘my cup of tea’ personality wise, the kid (when on) can pitch with the best of em.’ And could easily replace J. Teheran in the rotaion should he be shipped out, as well. Something for the millionth time I think management should have done with him when the Boston Red Sox were sniffing around for his services a few years ago.

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    Steve Says:

    I love all the predictions of future moves. But as disillusioned as I was when we recorded this episode last week, I’m more so after reading the interview with McGuirk and AA at the Athletic. I hope I’m wrong, but I think this is what they’re going with.

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