March 10, 2019

Show #430: Spring Training Headlines

ST surprises. Injury updates. The battle for the 5th spot. And the Harper signing.



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    William A Says:

    Good job and show by Steve and Curtis. I find myself resigned to pitching problems abounding in 2019 and do share the same angst as the hosts of having Teheran the opening day starter, not be design, but for other reasons that make no sense in spite of the front office talk from Snitker and AA who will spin it but not sell it.
    I’ll say it again for the 3rd year in a row: Bite the bullet and groom Folty for a closer role and get on down the road!
    The rest of the starting cast won’t scare any opponent nor will the bullpen. The young untested guys look promising but are not likely to be game changers in 2019. Good points made on not backing the Brinks truck up for Keuchel or Kimbrel. It would be like adding another lifeboat to the Titantic. Pitching uncertainties put my over/under win total for the 2019 Braves at…78.

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    Steve Says:

    William – I’m not with you on Folty for the bullpen. He was our best starter last year. We don’t win the division last year without Folty.

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    William A Says:

    Steve, we agree to disagree on Folty. Did you also see and have seen the inconsistencies of command, the mini meltdowns, high pitch counts, and the poor slumping of shoulders when things aren’t going his way? The best example of Folty’s status is this: It’s like asking a skilled poet to become a novelist.
    How different and more effective would he be if he knew he had to get but 3 outs, burn in 100mph heat, tax his arm up to say, 25 pitches as opposed to what he’s shown as a starter to date?

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I don’t think Braves fans should really be surprised or upset over the lack of spending (considering ownership). Until we get some kind of Global Resource-Based Economy (like The Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project would suggest), what you are seeing with MLB is very reflective of baseball in a capitalistic environment. As it has unfolded, you are seeing more have’s and have not’s. With no salary cap in MLB, you can see why most sports fans would choose the NFL over MLB (it’s more exciting and less predictable, for the most part).

    Competing with the likes of Philadelphia, Washington and even the Mets won’t be easy. I don’t think we should be surprised if the Braves finish as low as 4th. I’m saying 2nd (at best). Of course, injuries happen. But it’s always best to play the percentages.

  5. 5
    Steve Says:

    William – Folty was the best starter on the team last year. Pitched over 180 innings, had an ERA under 3, xFIP under 3.8, WAR of nearly 4. The dude took the jump last year – not sure how else to say it.

  6. 6
    William A Says:

    Valid points on all counts Steve and I do accede to your far more informed Braves’ opinions and judgments. That said, there’s something missing with Folty. Call it lack of mental toughness but I’ve beaten this horse long enough. Moving on it looks likely that a couple of kids will make the opening day starters roster?

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