March 27, 2019

Show #431: The 2019 Season Kickoff



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    1. Philadelphia Phillies
    2. Washington Nationals
    3. Atlanta Braves
    4. New York Metropolitans
    5. Miami Marlins

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    William A Says:

    Excellent report guys. I know this podcast is likely a labor of love and a lot of hard work so thank you for doing it. You covered most key issues with this2019 Braves team and I concur with your analysis. Some personal thoughts:

    As a group, this pitching staff is close to being in shambles. Relying on unproven kids, mediocre dumpster acquisitions, and inconsistent mainstays is a recipe for failure. Maybe a miracle on the order of the ‘69 Mets will happen with the staff all coming together to forge a run to WS glory! No, I see uncertainties abounding so who to blame?

    Tom Glavine recently called out Liberty Media and I agree. When the bean counters are running any business, winning is not a top priority. I could go on for many pages on personal experiences regarding this topic. Suffice to say, I see the same bottom line mindset with LM.

    If the Braves stumble in April to say, a sub .500 record which I view as likely, we’ll have a real issue to solve. Meantime, we’re tied for first place today! Enjoy it.

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    GreetingsfromTorontoCanada Says:

    @William A – Being Opening Day I am certainly not trying to pick with you per say, but please refresh my memory by telling us the last time a Braves ownership put there collective heads together, swung for the fences, went all in & spent ‘good money’ on one & or two impactful free agents to push ‘our’ team over the top? Because aside from the free agent signings of Terry Pendleton in 1990 & Greg Maddux in 1993, I truly can think of to many more occasions in which that has happened. That said, having witnessed ‘our’ GM’s entire tenure at the helm of the Blue Jays here in Toronto, I have complete confidence that he will be the cat to get this ship floating in the right direction. Except this sadly will not be the year in which that happens. Though I would love to be proven wrong.

    GO BRAVOS!!!


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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Not a Braves fan…just an observer here…here are my National League East Predictions:

    1. Washington
    2. Philadelphia
    3. Atlanta
    4. New York
    5. Miami

    I’m predicting that the Braves finish ahead of the Mets by a few games (due to starting pitching injuries).

    Anyway, as I’ve alluded to before, the Braves don’t have to spend a dime in their situation. The sheep will continue following their herd into SunTrust Park (while being raked over the coals for a few more years).

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    My August Braves Starting Rotation:

    Mike Foltynewicz
    Sonny Trout (acquired through trade with Reds that included Inciarte)
    Kevin Gausman
    Max Fried
    Sean Newcomb

    “All In Teams” should be coming to the forefront by this time. I’m really not trying to belittle the Braves here. Just how I see it.

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    Richard McDonald Says:


    Enjoyed the podcast. After yesterday’s game, it becomes clear that it will be a long hot summer in ATL. Hope not. Bullpen is awful (Jackson and Carle, ugh). It will take more than a Kimbrel to fix this one.

    My predictions for first 30 games 12-18.

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    Walker Says:

    People are kind of overreacting to the first game of the season. This was a game we weren’t supposed to win anyway. The Phillies had their ace, at home, against Tehran with a strong lineup. Of course they were supposed to win. And with these unfortunate injuries, unfortunately the pitchers we ran out on opening day were pitchers we would have thought would have been gone in the off season. Tehran, Luke Jackson, and Carle are not the best mix in Philly on opening day against Nola, Harper & company. Take the L and move on. We kind of had no chance yesterday.

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    Walker Says:

    And for the folks crowning the Phillies already, please give me a break. One of their offseason acquisitions is bound to flop, their defense still sucks, the bullpen is just ok, and the starting rotation is mediocre. They’ll be in the 80+ win range just like us. They arent scary at all. The Nationals are the real threat. The Mets pitching is scary as hell. Not the Phillies.

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    Walker Says:

    And lets look at the positives for the Braves. Our offense is very good and has major upside. Our defense is elite. Our bullpen is bad right now but if O’Day and Minter, Toussaint come back strong then I see great things. I believe Kimbrel will eventually give in to our 2 year offer. Our rotation is the major question. But lets not forget that we are STILL Rebuilding. Winning a division last year was great but as a middle class organization and we owe it to ourselves to see if these young guns can be anything special. No its not ideal. And if we had the Yankees payroll I know for sure we would have traded already for Kluber and Keuckel would already be signed. However, we can’t afford those things. We have to look long term, so we are in fact rebuilding while trying to compete. We have to see what these young SPs have.

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