April 01, 2019

Show #432: Swept to Start the Season

A demoralizing first series; some good, more bad. The highs and lows of the three games in Philly.



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    William A Says:

    Nice try by Curtis and Ham for attempting to carry water for LM and AA but my eyes and judgment tell me a different story. Ask yourself this: If the ownership and GM for the Phils/Braves were reversed would some be still trying to take the long view on the team’s success in 2019?
    I harken back to the 70s when the late sports journalist Howard Cosell stated: “It’s long been accepted that an owner can’t buy a championship but George Steinbrenner of the Yankees has debunked that notion”. The Phils will reaffirm that this year while the Braves will keep double talking their jive.
    Here’s an idea: Give a connected financial reporter the task of identifying 5 potential owners who could buy the Braves from LM and rank them 1-5 as to their viability because that’s the best way I see of keeping hope alive for this Braves fan.

  2. 2
    Walker Says:

    2020 Atlanta Braves

    1.Mike Foltynewicz
    2.Kyle Wright
    3.Mike Soroka
    4.Ian Anderson
    5.Kyle Muller
    6. Touki Touissant

    2b Ozzie Albies
    LF Ronald Acuna
    1B Freddie Freeman
    3B Austin Riley
    RF Drew Waters
    C Wilson Contreras
    DH Johan Camargo
    SS Dansby Swanson
    CF Cristian Pache

    AJ Minter
    Wes Parsons
    Chad Sobotka
    Jesse Biddle
    Bryce Wilson
    Luiz Gohara
    Max Fried
    Sean Newcomb

  3. 3
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Ok…well…not much of a “risk” for Liberty Media in the “Acuna tie-up”. They have millions they can lose in that deal and still come away with little damage.

    Bigger picture….capitalism continues to be corrupt (ah..the oligarchic corporatocracy). The Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project…where are you?

    Anyway, why isn’t Camargo starting at short?

  4. 4
    William A Says:

    You had me lost at oligarchic corporatocracy…
    And, I’m pretty sure I speak for the others viewing this site.
    The remainder of your post has to be in the StarTrek Enterprise archives somewhere.

  5. 5
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Sorry that I had you lost William A. Just do some research on that subject matter and you’ll figure it out.

    Anyway, I’m not a Braves fan (as I’ve said before). I find it kind of funny/kind of sad that fans going to Braves games at Suntrust Park or being around the game in The Battery continue to be taken advantage of (as far as I’m concerned). Ridiculous prices to me…..

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