April 14, 2019

Show #434: All About Ozzie



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    William A Says:

    A bit off topic but a new feature I’m starting:
    Question the hosts:
    It seems far easier to draft and develop position players than pitchers who have far more injury issues. Are the Braves waiting for the next trio of HOF pitchers from their uneven recent drafts or go a new direction?

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    Steve Says:

    The “Braves Way,” if I must, has always been pitching first. And AA has towed that line since he came on board. But now…who knows. It may be as simple as the first round pick is always best player available, and beyond that they may start focusing on positions given how much pitching is in the organization.

    I’d also push back on the injury thing a little. I don’t believe they’d change draft strategy because of that. Any player can get injured.

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