April 21, 2019

Show #435: Amazing Comeback Turns Around Dismal Week



4 Responses to “Show #435: Amazing Comeback Turns Around Dismal Week”

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    William A Says:

    As always thanks to the hosts for another informative program. It was noted there are relief pitcher problems all over MLB. I’m wondering who came up with the magic 100 pitches thrown per starter as the limit, give or take 5-10 extra tosses? Are the starter’s arms that fragile nowadays? Evidently but go back 50 years + you saw far more complete games, no one was having TJ surgery, and guys bowed their heads and willed Max innings.
    As a kid my uncle took me to several KC A’s games back in the mid 50s. The A’s had an average starter named Sheldon who refused to come out of a late August game because he wanted to get his ERA below 2.50. He made it into the 9th, threw 160 pitches, kept his team alive, alas lost the game 2-1 but made his goal on a 95 degree day game. Guys were tougher then or something has changed.
    No one thought it cruel or even unusual then. What’s changed?

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    Steve Says:

    William – not sure where the 100 pitch limit came to be. But there’s also the analytics around starting pitchers and their effectiveness decreasing their third time through a batting order. That plays a part in it, too.

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    William A Says:

    Steve that 3rd time thru makes a little sense but another thought I’ve had relates to arm stresses, relievers vs SPs. If a reliever throws 3 consecutive days for 75 cumulative pitches what’s the risk to his elbow, shoulder and arm vs a starter who throws 130 pitches once every 5-6 days?
    The point being if starters are conditioned to go deeper in games, there’s fresher arms coming out of the pen.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Never get too short-sighted, regardless of anything. We may have made our projections, but you do have to still let things play out (though the percentages aren’t exactly on the Braves side).

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