April 28, 2019

Show #436: The Bullpen Continues to Struggle



2 Responses to “Show #436: The Bullpen Continues to Struggle”

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    William A Says:

    Another good show. Kudos to the hosts. Something said in this week’s edition got my full attention:”There’s something missing” when describing the mediocre Braves record as we close out April. Is it talent? An intangible? Leadership? You make a case on any of these factors.

    I want to hone in on leadership and intangibles. We all know Snitker’s up and downsides or at least have a strong opinion. How much fire does he have in the belly? I think the last time he cried was when he filled out his tax return. Okay, not fair but you get the point? I was watching a game over the weekend with a professional body language expert who pointed out some interesting observations.
    Bottom line is this team isn’t as cohesive a unit as we’d like to believe.

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    Steve Says:

    William – I’m not with you on this one. Relationships, team chemistry and motivation ARE the things he brings to the table and does well. It’s the Xs and Os that are not the best. I think this team is missing a sound bullpen.

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