May 19, 2019

Show #439: The Austin Riley Makes His Debut Show



2 Responses to “Show #439: The Austin Riley Makes His Debut Show”

  1. 1
    Richard McDonald Says:

    Enjoy you podcast as always.

    Tough 2 games in St. Lou. Josh D. seems to be a bust.
    Braves hitting is inconsistent 2 games 12 runs next 3, 3 runs etc. Need a few holes to fill. Snit, I believe has cost several games with choices but that is baseball. Love it.

    Happy Memorial Day

  2. 2
    d. shew Says:

    Who is putting your podcast together? Since the beginning of the year, it has been choppy with the breaks coming in the middle of your opening and cutting off the 5 min or so. (your pitching match-ups for the week & your game week predictions. it’s tough to listen to!!!) I love your pod and have for years, but you need to take it back to make it great again. (Sorry I”m NOT a Trump fan) thanks for hearing me out and GO BRAVES!!!

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