January 08, 2009

Show #44: John Smoltz – A Brave No More

Reaction to the departure of John Smoltz and the other debacles of this off season.



11 Responses to “Show #44: John Smoltz – A Brave No More”

  1. 1
    Dean Ford Says:

    ..we’ve been watchig and cheering John on as a Brave for all of his career…..we were hoping he would retire to the broadcast booth when leaving the Braves….com’on, John!!!!!

  2. 2
    GTM Says:

    Here we go again. Looks like anouther year of “bottomfeeders”.
    I’ll be a Mets fan from now on.

  3. 3
    Chris Says:

    Hey guys. Good show this week. It’s been a tough winter, and this past 48 hours have been really hard to watch. I was hoping, and I pretty much knew, y’all would pop up with a show today. So, glad to see it, good to hear from you, keep up the good work and here’s hoping we hear from y’all again really soon discussing a big time signing that’ll make us all feel better.

  4. 4
    Chris Says:

    By the way, stop on by our site sometime for a look. We’d love to have y’all. I won’t post the site because I’m not trying to spam your site, but obviously you can find it with a click on my name, I think. Anyway, later fellas.

  5. 5
    Scott Says:

    Another good show! I am sick right now I have been a Fan since 66 and won’t leave them but the Braves are making it very hard on us. I heard there was going to be an Open House at Turner Field on 24 March can this be confirmed? Ilive in Panama City FL and would liketo drive up.

  6. 6
    Steve Says:

    Scott – you’re correct about the Open House. Here’s a link to the article about it at braves.com. http://atlanta.braves.mlb.com/news/press_releases/index.jsp?c_id=atl

  7. 7
    Steve Says:

    Scott – sorry, my link is wrong. Here’s the correct one for an event on March 28: http://atlanta.braves.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090107&content_id=3736257&vkey=news_atl&fext=.jsp&c_id=atl

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    Chris – if you’d like, go to the Contact Us link at the top of the page and drop me a line with your contact info – let’s chat.

  9. 9
    Steve Says:

    Alright, people – how are you feeling now? The rotation took a big leap forward in the last 24 hours.

  10. 10
    TP Says:

    Like you guys I was kind of shocked and hurt at the news that Smoltz was going to the Red Sox. After a couple weeks to think about it, here are the reasons I don’t feel that bad about the Braves direction: 1. The Braves made Smoltz a smart offer – the past couple of seasons have shown that you can’t count on Smoltz to be healthy & he has occasionally done more harm than good trying to play at 75%, 2. The Red Sox consistently overpay players – not to the extent of either NY team or LA but close, 3. For on-field performance the money is probably better spent on Lowe or the Japanese guy, 4. Haven’t we come to expect this by now? Murphy>Phillies, Niekro>Yankees, Glavine>Mets (albeit with an asterisk), Maddux>Cubs, Justice>Yankees, Bob Horner>Japan, even Hank Aaron went to the Brewers after Atlanta!!

  11. 11
    Scott Says:

    I am still not happy with the off season. The front office looked confused at best. We should have gotten Peavy! He is younger and would have cost less than Lowe. Too get that close and seal the deal? What really happened?? Now we have too much $$$ tied up with pitching so we won’t get a power hitting outfielder. That said, GO BRAVES!!!!

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