May 27, 2019

Show #440: The Braves Are Rolling



5 Responses to “Show #440: The Braves Are Rolling”

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    William A Says:

    Interesting show this time. Let’s get to the Water Buffalo in the room right away, or guys like Riley and Kemp before him playing LF like huge stumbling beasts. This cannot continue plus Acuna is not the second coming of A Jones in CF. What to do?

    First, you immensely improve your OF defense by putting Ender back in CF, period..full stop. I know it’s not Riley ‘s fault by the way. I’d use Riley as a replacement for Donaldson Fulltime. JD will not like it or demand a trade but as the hosts pointed out, he hasn’t done $23mm worth of value so he can sulk on the bench and pinch hit while waiting for another team to trade for him.

    If Riley goes downhill for whatever reason, JD is insurance for a time but I think JD will pull another leg muscle and be out for a time regardless. If the Braves are playing games with Ender on the extended IL, this will bite them. I have other takes but this is the most prominent so I’ll wait til next time.

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    Tyler P Says:

    @ William A Inciarte is the better defender of course, but Riley has been perfectly okay in left field. Even if he regresses, which he will, offensively, I still think he’s more valuable than Inciarte given the massive upgrade Riley provides offensively. Acuna has the tools to be a good center fielder and has shown improvement. Donaldson has also been perfectly fine. Just last week before his slump he had an .864 OPS and a wRC+ of 134. His defense has been good well. Not sure I agree with anything that you said.

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    William A Says:

    Tyler, I want to laud you for your civil comments in your response. I respect your position and wish more such civility would occur without the flame throwing we commonly see nowadays. That said, we’ve all heard the mantra: Defense wins championships regardless of the sport in most cases.
    A few lost games due to poor OF defense could well determine a playoff berth vs a long winter. So the solution is simply outscore the opponents. Are the Braves good enough to do that consistently over the long season? Maybe they are that gifted. I come down on the other side.
    Plus, Inciarte tends to get his groove going in the second half. He did have 200 hits a couple of seasons back so I wouldn’t write him off offensively. I think most fans would agree with your position and that’s fine. We’ll all soon enough find out.

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    Tyler P Says:

    William A – Always down for civil conversation. We’re all on the same team!

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    Curt Says:

    William & Tyler – cheers to you both. Let’s also not forget that Acuna is in a little bit of a slump and could probably use a day off here and there.

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