June 09, 2019

Show #442: Keuchel to the Braves



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    William A Says:

    Another good show guys and thanks for doing it. I’d like to hone in on the comments concerning corporate ownership. I’m in total agreement that Liberty Media is all about profits and if the team happens to win more than they lose, so much the better.
    That got me to thinking: When has an absentee owner ever won a championship?

    I came up with just one: Charlie Finley’s Oakland A’s. Charlie ran his insurance business out of Chicago and his hometown of nearby LaPorte IN. I was a young lad being taken to KC A’s games in the 60s and can report Charlie was widely hated, especially by his players. Charlie had a gift for evaluating exceptional talent and being a cheapskate. He had a field box seat and could be seen taking notes during games, then would download his comments to the postgame media.

    Example: “Now I’m seeing laziness from SS Campaneris. He must be taking loads of iron pills because grounders keep clanking off his new steel glove. I expect and demand extra fielding practice out of him”

    The point: Ownership has to be involved and deeply care about their team. Charlie had that trait in spades. Liberty Media does not.

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    Steve Says:

    Good stuff, William.

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