June 30, 2019

Show #445: Braves Continue Rolling



4 Responses to “Show #445: Braves Continue Rolling”

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    Tyler Says:

    Steve, Ham and Curt (Kurt?) I would love to hear each of y’all’s thoughts on deGrom. If the Mets decide to trade him, I wouldn’t expect them to trade deGrom in division. However, given the return the Braves would give the Mets, they’d be foolish to refuse. So my two questions are: 1. Would you willing to trade the Mets what we would need to in order to get him, and 2. Is there any scenario where this trade would happen?

  2. 2
    Reverend Benzo Says:

    Yikes. You guys split right went the game went pptttt!

  3. 3
    Steve Says:

    Rev – we know. It was a bad job on us.

  4. 4
    Steve Says:

    Tyler – It would be a painful haul. Starting with Ian Anderson. But I would do it. As the Braves start this window of opportunity, he would change the landscape in the NL for them. The one thing I don’t like is his opt-out in ’22. All that said, I don’t believe the Mets would trade him in the division.

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