July 21, 2019

Show #448: An Average Week Shines a Light on a Shaky Rotation



4 Responses to “Show #448: An Average Week Shines a Light on a Shaky Rotation”

  1. 1
    Reverend Benzo Says:

    Indians have cheap ownership too. Maybe they’ll want to dump Bauer for pitching prospects.

  2. 2
    Steve Says:

    Rev – Bauer might have been available a month ago, but the Indians have gone on a tear and are only 3 back in the Central. I doubt he’s going anywhere.

  3. 3
    William A Says:

    Thanks for the updated podcast guys. I think even the casual Braves fan knows their biggest problems which factors into needs ASAP. That said, I don’t see Anthopoulous making a splash move at the deadline. He’s been holding onto prized prospects tighter than bark on a tree and I don’t see that changing.
    Maybe a lower case acquisition or two from the dumpster but even then, it won’t be enough to piss in the tall grass with the big Dodger dogs. The hosts were prescient with their comments along these lines and I agree. Realize too, that the post season berth is uncertain. The Braves have yet to swoon on a long losing streak for example but it could happen. Right now, realistically, I’ll be happy with a playoff series appearance. Not thrilled mind you, but probably the best they’ll do.

  4. 4
    Adam Says:

    The only starting pitchers that would really excite me would be Madbum or Greinke. Stroman and Minor are nice, but i’m warry of trading for players who are clearly having outlier career best years (half years really). Madbum and Greinke are proven Ace vets with playoff experience. I don’t think we have a chance in hell of getting either of them because we never make big splashy moves, but a guy can dream.

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