January 19, 2009

Show #45: The Newly Revamped Starting Rotation

Derek Lowe.  Kenshin Kawakami.  Andruw Jones?  Steve, Hammy, and Curt break it all down… with a little help from fake Frank Wren.



8 Responses to “Show #45: The Newly Revamped Starting Rotation”

  1. 1
    Will Says:

    Nice show…more Frank!

  2. 2
    jon Says:

    Great show. I was wondering what people thought about getting a guy like Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu. I know Dunn strikes out a lot but we need homers desperately. Thoughts?

  3. 3
    Steve Says:

    I think we desperately need to get a guy like Abreu or Dunn. And, if given the choice, I want Abreu. Higher average, fewer errors, fewer strikeouts, only a little drop off in power compared to Dunn. And I think we can get him cheaper. Abreu seems like the forgotten FA this off-season. There’s lots of talk about Dunn, which will probably make him more expensive. And all indications are that the Braves have only about 6 – 7 mil left to spend.

    And we need a clean-up hitter. And Frenchy’s not it, despite Chipper’s recent quote. And Nady or Swisher, while nice players, are also not clean-up hitters. Must get a big bat!

  4. 4
    Curt Says:

    I know it will never, ever happen – given Frank “the real one” Wren’s comments, but I am moving more toward the Braves taking a one year flier on Manny Ramirez. He’s a lazy, clubhouse cancer, but he can rake, he can hit bombs, and he can put butts in the seats. Two things this team is short on right now are power and excitement. Derek Lowe and Javier Vazquez are not adding one person to the attendance numbers next year, and with the Smoltz situation, I expect that attendance is going to plummet. Add to it, a team that is going into year four of a nosedive toward the bottom of the division. The remedy is some crazy, dreadlock wearing, nut job, who happens to be one of the greatest offensive threats of the past 25 years. He’s no worse a defensive player than Dunn, he’s a lot more exciting than Abreu, and you deal with him for a year and see where it takes you.

    And Abreu hasn’t had good power numbers since he wore himself out at that homerun derby 4 or 5 years ago.

  5. 5
    Hammy Says:

    I totally agree with Curtis. The more I think about it, why not? We have all seen what Manny can do when he is motivated, and we would have him for an entire contract year. He would be pissed the he wasn’t the primo free agent this year and would have even more to prove. I also think it would make the Braves relevant again, in an exciting way.

    I know that all of Red Sox nation would differ on Manny, but the Red Sox aren’t completely free of blame in the entire situation.

    After that, I think Abreu is the next best option. I am not interested in Adam Dunn. Too expensive, too many strikeouts.

  6. 6
    Steve Says:

    I think the biggest problem with Manny is that the most recent offer on the table is 2 years, 45 million. I can’t believe that Liberty Media would increase the payroll from 100 to 125. And I do think that Derek Lowe will put butts in the seat. There’s his new wife. And they have kids. And maybe his parents are alive… But, c’mon – I think there is new optimism around the team with the Lowe and Kawakami signings. And, if we were to sign any kind of bat (even, Jim Edmonds) that people would be hopeful again. And if Frenchy shows ANY signs of life then the optimism will really grow.

  7. 7
    USAFCCF Says:

    Hey guys, y’all have dropped off iTunes andthought you would want to know…..

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    USACCFC – as you probably noticed, we changed our name which changed things at iTunes. I’m about to post a new show tonight (Show #46 with Kevin Goldstein of BP) – and it should should still automatically download to your iTunes. If you get a chance, please write back and tell us if it showed up Sunday morning, Feb 1. Thanks for the note.

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