August 04, 2019

Show #450: We Celebrate with Gabe Burns from the AJC



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    William A Says:

    Odd thoughts while wondering whatever happened to Hector Oliver’s?
    Special feelings, tingly sensations, thrill up the leg. We’ve all had them. A recent expensive for me feeling came when I just knew the Chiefs would beat NE in last season’s AFC championship game. They didn’t.
    Last night, before the opener at Minnesota, I felt the Braves would find a way to lose. They did. How to explain it? That’s the real trick, isn’t it?

    I’m off the trash Anthopoulous train for now but just bought a full car suite ticket on firing all the coaches (except Wash and EY) and Snitker. There’s something missing on the team’s will to win. More butt kicking, more accountability, more hurt feelings? Yes, yes, and yes.

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