September 08, 2019

Show #455: A Dominant Week Has The Braves Poised For The Offseason



9 Responses to “Show #455: A Dominant Week Has The Braves Poised For The Offseason”

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    Leaving all emotions aside….those Braves fans out there need to come to terms that they simply do not have enough pitching to have much of a chance at getting into The World Series. If they do get into The World Series…I’d estimate their chances of winning it all as slim to none.

  2. 2
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Anyway, the sooner the Braves become a mid-market team like the Cardinals, the more likely they will win a World Series. I don’t see how that is very likely in their current setup.

  3. 3
    Tyler Says:

    This whole schtick is getting super annoying, man. The Braves are very clearly one of the best teams in the league. Stop being so negative.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    I see this situation with the Braves as more of a business situation. It would be different if you’ve got a billionaire owner throwing money around, but that is not the case here. I know, ideally, we’d like to think of MLB as something other than a business, but, for the majority of the time the business end of things tends to rule.

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    Richard McDonald Says:

    The way they are in a funk hitting wise St Louis should take them down in 4. They have bad 5 – 8 hitters. Riley is not ready and Dansby starting to hit like last year swinging at everything and Ortega is a waste.

    You guys have best podcast in area.

  6. 6
    Tyler Says:

    @Richard The Braves lineup is still better than the Cardinals as is the pitching staff. I don’t think St. Louis would win any more than one game.

  7. 7
    Podcast Listener Says:

    Also, one has to consider their record as overinflated/overvalued. They seem to go good against the inferior teams like the Marlins. Nobody should take a team’s record TOO serious.

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    Podcast Listener Says:

    By the way, not a Braves hater….just calling it like it is. I’m just observe Major League Baseball and state my opinions on it.

  9. 9
    Podcast Listener Says:

    I should say that I’m just observing Major League Baseball and stating my opinions on it lol.

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