September 29, 2019

Show #458: The Season Comes To An End And The Postseason Begins



2 Responses to “Show #458: The Season Comes To An End And The Postseason Begins”

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    William A Says:

    Thanks for the post season analysis guys but while blue skies, sweet perfume and bluebirds singing has its rightful place, reality is not that. Curtis came close in this regard concerning the current state of the team hitting.
    My take is the Braves are wounded and limping into the post season. I also do not trust Folty to keep his cool under pressure as he seems a modern version of Ryne Duren: $Million arm—10cent brain.
    It appears FF will be far from his normal form and Acuna is a tossup. The hosts correctly pointed out that if both are sub-standard, start planning the off season. On the plus side, we can all rightfully celebrate a marvelous 2019 regular season. That’s where I’ll leave it.

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    Walker Says:

    Game 1 and the reaction to Game 1 is so sad. Focusing on Acunas blunder is so dumb it makes my head hurt. This was a Team loss. The Bullpen was horrible. Snitker panicked and mismanaged the bullpen after Martin got hurt. Markakis didnt hustle to the ball on the 9th inning single. Acuna is not the only one to blame. Stop it.

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