October 13, 2019

Show #460: NLDS Post Mortem



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    Tyler Says:

    I would bring back Dallas to replace Teheran as our 5th starter. Let him hage a full season to see what he can do. I don’t see how his shortened season wasn’t a factor. There was about a month and a half where he was lights out. Aa for Grandal, he produced 5.2 WAR, but he’s on the wrong side of 30 so I don’t think I would give him a big contract. Can’t see that ending well. Maybe try to sign James McCann to a 3 year deal to pair with Flowers. I’d put it at even odds that Donaldson comes back. Unless they can trade for Eugenio Suarez.

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    Walker Says:

    Hopefully the Braves decline the Markakis option and acquire a left handed corner outfield bat that can hit for power like Nomar Mazara or David Peralta. And they can platoon with Duvall.

    CF Acuna
    2B Albies
    1B Freeman
    3B Donaldson
    RF Peralta/Mazarra
    LF Riley
    C Grandal
    SS Swanson

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    William A Says:

    I’d spend money on pitching and defense. Give me a catcher with a strong arm and defensive skills . If he hits his weight or below? Fine. Get rid of the inconsistent one, Folty. How much more proof do you guys need to see?? He might fetch that catcher described earlier in a trade. Done deal!
    Pitching will cost but they have no choice. Keuchel is dead weight-out. Teheran—out.
    Bold moves have to be made to keep the fan base interested and erase that debacle the team mailed in for game 5.

  4. 4
    Richard McDonald Says:

    Do you think Freddie needs procedure to fix elbow this off season?
    I do.

  5. 5
    Jim Says:

    None of us want to put it as a curse, but baseball god was not kind to us during the last month. All teams go through injuries and Braves seems to got the worst timing of them, especially with Freeman. I really believe we could have won it with a healthier Freeman in game 4. He would have smacked so many of those game 4 pitches to left as regular season and drove in decisive runs. Then, there would not be the embarrassing game 5.

    In terms of players next year, I have a different view. I don’t think Donaldson can repeat his numbers next year, which was partly due to a career year of Freeman. I would rather try Riley behind freeman at 3rd base, and then Nick behind him. We will need Nick’s consistent average, instead of who knows what Duvall will hit.

    Then, use the money saved from Donaldson to get a true #1 starter, such as Gerrit Cole, Max Scherzer, or Justin Verlander caliber (even though it’s a wild dream), but not Keuchel. As much as we love about Soroka, he is not quite there yet. Pitching tends to be more important than hitting during playoffs. Soroka, Folty, and Fried for 2, 3, 4 starters. 5th for the young guns. Teheran will be the odd man out and could help save money for the true #1 starter.

    I also don’t like Flower behind the plate. He looks very sloppy this year. The way he sets up really doesn’t help blocking pitches. It is a problem when our pitchers might not be throwing certain pitches at times. This is why he didn’t start any of the playoff games. I would rather go with Grandal if possible and Cerbelli as backup.

    Even if Braves beat Cardinals, you really don’t know what to expect from our starters in NLCS, which I thought would have been Dodgers. Dodgers got a even more powerful lineup than us, but didn’t advance, either. I just can’t help but keep going back to the good old days with Maddux, Glavine, and Smotlz. Then again, how often do you have 4 HOF in the same team (including Chipper.)

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    Walker Says:

    Not only did the Braves cheat themselves from going to the NLDS, but they also cheat viewers from a competitive NLCS. No way would the Nats be up 3-0 on us. We need to find a way to be ELITE this off-season. No more cutting corners. Bye Markakis.

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    Walker Says:

    MLB seems to have messed with the playoff balls. I guessed we coulda had that Hecherverria Grand slam in Game 4 that would have sent us to the NLCS. Oh well.

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