February 16, 2009

Show #48: Spring Training Begins

Junior to the Braves?  Glavine securing the #5 spot?  And steroids, steroids, steroids.

Link of the week:  http://joeposnanski.com/JoeBlog/2009/02/13/the-francoeur-arbitration-case/



15 Responses to “Show #48: Spring Training Begins”

  1. 1
    Will Says:

    This week’s show sucked!!!!

  2. 2
    Will Says:

    Just joshin’ ….good show again, thx for props (?) to your Japan fan base, no such thing as bad publicity, I say…and by the way did you know that “Kawa-kami” also means “Steve is a door-knob”…that’s the character he painted and showed everybody in the press conference. Not widely used, but correct translation.

  3. 3
    Jon Says:

    Hey Will, I am personally pretty excited about Griffey, although I hope he never a. Hits cleanup and b. Hits against lefties. Assuming he’s signed and appointed a platoon role, he won’t be able to bat against Cole Hamels opening night, as well as other NL East pitchers such as Johan Santana, Oliver Perez, the before mentioned Hamels, and Washington National Tom Glavine (just kidding)
    I still think he can rake on mediocre righthanders though.
    Great show as always

  4. 4
    Steve Says:

    Hey Jon – Thanks for the comment. I’m with you on the whole hitting clean-up thing, although I think it will happen. I’ve seen him projected there a few times over the past day or two. Of course, it really just points out that we don’t have a traditional, everyday clean-up hitter. I checked out your site, btw – looks great.

    And Will – the true translation, in the Hokkaidō dialect is, “Steve is a blossoming flower.” C’mon, man!

  5. 5
    Will Says:

    I think I located a third translation “Griffey is a blossoming herpes sore “. Be glad when it goes away…

  6. 6
    Hammy Says:

    I can’t believe that we were jilted AGAIN! I don’t care about all of the things that are being said. Other than DLowe, if people are given comparable offers from other teams, they are taking the other offer. And these aren’t even great players, just average ones. The Bravos have the taint and we can’t shake it.

    I think the direct translation is more like “Braves outfield is filled with kaka.”

  7. 7
    Curt Says:

    Pete Van Weiren made an interesting point in one of his post-retirement interviews. Aside from the losing and the fact that we no longer make the playoffs every year, he felt one thing going against the Braves in recruiting players was the fact that TBS is no longer airing all of the games. Used to be, players from all over the world could have their families and friends easily access the games and thereby see them playing all the time. An opportunity afforded by few other teams. Now that TBS is airing no Braves’ games, as of this year, that is no longer an added draw that the team can take advantage of. Time Warner’s desire to air Seinfeld reruns has, in the Professor’s opinion, worked against the allure of the team. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  8. 8
    Steve Says:

    I realize this is crazy, but I think this is just another weird, out of Frank’s control, occurrence. Have you all seen the Willie Mays/Harold Reynolds madness?!?!?! There’s no way to complete with Willie Mays …

  9. 9
    Jlew Says:

    Thankfully, Griffey goes elsewhere. As much as I like Glavine, we need to get younger. He had nothing left last year and this season he is a year older. Maybe he could mentor some of the young pitchers.

  10. 10
    Steve Says:

    Jlew – welcome to the site. I’m higher on Glavine, I must say. I think it’s fair to chalk up last year to his injured pitching arm. And he was still quite effective in ’07. Now, would I be shocked if he only won 3 games this year? – no. But I also wouldn’t be shocked if he won 9 or 10. And I’m certain the opportunity will arise for Hanson to make it to Atlanta at some point this season.

  11. 11
    Jon Says:

    Simple question here: The was an offseason rumor of a trade straight up: Zach Greinke for Jeff Francoeur. Would you guys do it?

  12. 12
    Curt Says:

    Jon – I think that is an interesting proposition. Something in me has to believe that Francoeur can and will get better. Will he ever be a complete 5 tool player? I don’t think so, but until last year he was a solid player and no one would ever even consider trading him. He might be stubborn, but he isn’t lazy, and I think he is genuinely working to get his game back. Maybe it is as simple as he gained too much upper body weight and it screwed him up. Let’s hope so. Greinke is on his way to becoming a stud, but the hole created by the immediate loss of Francoeur would really set the Braves back. This, of course, hinges on Frenchy returning to form. Otherwise, I’d trade him for a bag of balls and Chris Reitsma.

  13. 13
    Jon Says:

    Garret Anderson is a Brave.

  14. 14
    Jon Says:

    Hey guys, we got our line-drive hitting- I mean power hitting outfielder cough cough

  15. 15
    Wade Says:

    Gotta hand it to you guys. Despite steroids, several years of ineptitude by the Bravos, and ESPN cramming Yankees/Red Sox down my throat -I’m starting to care again.
    Dadgum it.

    That’s what listening to 3 straight of your podcasts will do while you are crammed in coach, surrounded by screaming kids on a 4+ hour flight.

    Love the format and the perspectives. Perhaps you all could disagree a little more (Curtis should be good for that), but all in all- -like it alot. Plan on downloading them each week for my commute.


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