March 08, 2009

Show #51: 2009 Infield Projections

Garrett Anderson’s injury. The Frenchy Redemption Tracker. The WBC. And a look at the 2009 infield.



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    Steve Says:

    Oh No – We just post this show that talks about both the WBC & the infield only to go to and see that Chipper has left with an injury. I think we may need to rethink our over/under on his games.

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    Curt Says:


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    Bubdylan Says:

    Word from the David O’brien blog is:

    OK, just heard back from Chipper’s agent. He said Chipper says he’s OK and thinks he’ll be fine by Wednesday when the U.S. has one more game in the first round. Here’s what B.B. Abbott, the agent, said:

    “He said he felt something pull a little, but he is doing fine,” said Jones’ agent B.B. Abbott, who attended Sunday’s game in Toronto. “He said he doesn’t plan on going home, but I assume Team USA will talk to the Braves. They obviously want to be very, very careful.”

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    Will Says:

    WBC is all good. My son and I watched China vs. Taiwan at the Tokyo Dome on Saturday. The head of MLB Japan is one of the dads/scoutmasters of my son’s cub scout troop, and he hooked us all up. China was the underdog, but they had a couple of AAA guys, one who went yard with a huge bomb- Rob Chang I think was his name – shortstop. MLB loves that result, because the Chinese market is obviously huge and they had a very good showing against arch enemy Taiwan. Two scouts from the Braves were there, one helped on the Kawakami deal. Korea spanked China 14-0 yesterday, after Japan spanked Korea 14-2 Friday. Japan looks strong with Ichiro and Dice K and they have alot of veterans from the J league who are pretty good contact hitters.

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    Will Says:

    correction Ray Chang, was a triple short of hitting for the cycle…

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    Steve Says:

    Bubdylan – welcome to our site. I really like the stuff you post on DOB’s blog. I’d like to talk you, if you’re interested, about blogging on our site. If you’re up for it, send me an email at and let’s discuss.

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    Vinz Says:

    I’m very surprised that there is only one (very bad) pircute of one of the finalists (EL TAZO!!!!!!!!!) What’s up with that?And why are there so many pic’s of the bands that didn’t even make it further.I would have thought you would be promoting the winners . Hopefully this will be rectified after the next round of qualifiers.

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