April 19, 2009

Show #57: The Offense Disappears and the Bullpen Implodes

Jordan Schafer’s struggles, Frenchy’s resurgence, and an ugly week 2 of the season.



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    Leah Says:

    Thanks for the podcast guys. I’m really enjoying it. Two thoughts: the bullpen is making me say very bad words which is not good since I often watch with my 8 year old son not to mention I’m the wife of a Presbyterian minister. Yikes! Is nothing being done to try and rectify the situation? Second, leave Frenchy alone! Keep tracking his progress for sure for his mojo sake but be positive. Last year as everyone grew skeptical his stats plummeted. He’s been awesome this year! OK…not perfect but honestly are you guys perfect every minute of every podcast? I’m just sayin… Just kidding, I really do enjoy the podcast.

    If you complain about the between inning hooplah then you have obviously never been to a game with a child. They live for those moments and it gives parents a break from trying to entertain and watch the game.

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    Curt Says:

    We all have kids, and I am pretty sure that all of the tertiary stuff is not for diehards like the three of us. That being said, we appreciate what the stuff is for, I just think we would like it to be better or for it to go away. If you are just going to half ass it, like the 20 foot tool race, then don’t do it. Make it more of an event so the purpose is served. And maybe come up with something more creative than just mascots for your corporate sponsor. Aren’t there things in Atlanta that could be used to race against each other? Great leaders of the Civil Rights movement? MLK, Ralph Abernathy, Reginald Eaves, and Malcolm X? at least DC has the dead presidents race.

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    Steve Says:

    Hi Leah – thanks for the writing in. Are we hard on Frenchy? We really don’t set out to be. Just keeping focus on him given his mind-boggling 2008 and his importance to the offense this year.

    Curt – I like your idea. Perhaps famous Atlanta food establishments? Chick-fil-A vs. Varsity vs. Waffle House?

    As to the in between innings stuff, I realize it’s there for the kids (and even more so as a revenue stream for the club), I just wish it wasn’t there at all. My experience with my youngsters is that all the Tooner Field and Coke Sky Field and between innings stuff leaves them considering the actual game about 9th on the list. I find it a totally unwinnable battle to get them to sit and watch the game at all.

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    Leah Says:

    I might be a little sensitive when it comes to Frenchy. I hated how devistated he seemed last year and some even lost complete hope in him. I love his new stance and have high hopes for him this season. But he’s not Superman and sometimes I think we expect perfection since he was so exceptional as a rookie.

    I really shouldn’t complain about taking kids to the ballpark. I took my 8 year old son last year to one of the last Braves/Mets games (we won). We watched batting practice, got food before the game started so we didn’t have to get up during the game, watched fireworks and managed to grab autographs after the game. We were there 6 1/2 hours and we both loved every minute. Well, except for the minute where some kid stole the ball my son had autographed by Corky during batting practice. Very sad.

    Love Tooner Field and Coke Sky Field and even love the kissing cam. Haven’t seen the 20 foot tool race but can see what you mean about trying a little harder.

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    Leah Says:

    BTW…after tonight’s 9th inning against the Nats I officially hate being a Braves fan.

  6. 6
    Steve Says:

    Yeah. That was really, really painful. Against the Nats! We’ve just lost 2 straight to the Nats. After losing 2 to the Bucs. I’m officially concerned.

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    Leah Says:

    Curt, I noticed on a previous blog post you have been a Braves fan since 75…do you offer therapy sessions to teach the rest of us the ropes? I’ve been a fan for 10 short years and struggling! As I type this the Braves have left the bases loaded. Putting ’em on and leaving them stranded, our specialty. Also, I’d like to know what you guys think about the Boyer trade.

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    Curt Says:

    Just being a native Atlantan means that I have suffered through a lot of bad sports teams. I remember when the best team we had in town was the indoor soccer team, the Chiefs. Played at the Omni. Tough ticket at the time.

    That being said, I felt like we were beyond being a half rate team, and I’m not sure we are. It seems to me that once you reach the top you try and stay there. So I hope they have a plan, because I don’t see many lights at the end of the tunnel right now. To win a game having the winning run walked in….great that you won, bad it had to come to that. I’m all for earning it.

    Hang in there. It can be much worse. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there.

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    Will Says:

    Vazquez is an effing monster!!!! glad we held it for him…

  10. 10
    Bubdylan Says:

    We winned again!

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